Crop, Border, Resize Multiple Images with Multiple Image Resizer

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 20, 2009


Many times, we need to resize number of images for different reasons. Digital image will be of different sizes and to publish them on web pages of limited width, we need to resize all them into uniform size to suit the needs of website templates. Photo editing softwares will not have options to automate all image resizing jobs by itself. Using Windows image editor, the famous Microsoft Paint always sucks and the image quality is reduced.

Resize multiple images with multiple image resizer

Here let us see a picture resizing software which can be of help to resize multiple images within few clicks. Even the image quality is not compromized. Multiple Image Resizer is a photo shrinker tool which can resize many images with multiple options as set by the user. This free utility is really of help for users as the number of options available are more and it helps to compress / enlarge the image size to suit your requirements.

You can select all photos (even folders which contain images) to be edited and define what all the jobs to be done on them. The options available include cropping, resize, rotate by 90, 180, 270 degrees, flipping (horizontal, vertical, both), adding borders, adding text and overlaying image. Resizing can be done on height, width, scaling, percentage and fixed dimensions. This also has a preview feature which can help you decide whether to have the process carried or not. Also, you can place the processed files in another folder without making any changes to original files. You may use online photo editor or funny photo editor if you need more editing of images.

It supports all major formats like bmp, gif, exif, ico, jng, jpg, jpeg, png, psd, tiff, wmf etc.

This tool is really a wonderful application for a blogger, the only feature required in this to make it complete is the feature to optimize the images for websites (compression of image size).


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It will surely save my alot of time. thanks 🙂

Stumbled it also 🙂

If you are on wordpress then you can use the WordPress Smushit plugin like I do on my webmaster blog 😉

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