How to save copy protected images/ videos/ flash on websites

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 28, 2008



You might have ever come across some websites which copy protect the images from being downloaded. Even orkut is an example for that in which the profile image which you view on the left of the profile cannot be copied. Right click and Save Image As will not work with orkut. Some sites don’t even allow right click on images or some may pop up a warning when right clicked on images. You might have noticed that some images on this site also cannot be downloaded. Here is an easy way for that which I have been using since long time and also am successful in downloading embedded videos from some sites like stage6 [old one which do not serve now] using the same method.

Let me make it clear with one thing, my trick is for firefox and for IE, you workout in similar way. Follow the steps below:

1. Load the page from which you want to copy image with firefox setting to allow all images from that server.

2. Make sure that the image is loaded fully.

3. Click Tools>Page Info.

4. You will get a window as shown in figure on which you need to click on media.


Tools > Page Info in firefox


5. You will find the set of media included in the page, scroll to the desired one. Web images will be usually in jpg, png, gif formats.

6.  a. Now, its you are downloading images or small objects, you may click Save As at the right side of the window.

     b. If you are downloading any huge video or any object, its better you don’t choose Save As, but right click on the object location, select all [to select whole url] and use any of your download manager softwares to download as no one is sure about firefox crashes and you may lose partly downloaded files if firefox crashes.


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48 Readers responded to this post

I used to do this by using gaming the no right click and using background image saver extension, but this looks more simpler

@ Keith

Yes, anyone can follow the instructions given. No geeky part here.

nice share ๐Ÿ˜‰
although for images I usually take screenshots and then edit them with GIMP ๐Ÿ˜›

@ Siddharth

Taking screenshot, edit with gimp or photoshop is quite a geeky part… This is a much simple procedure which can even be used by any non techie….

Editing with gimp is not possible for videos right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

i think this will work nice at Flickr ๐Ÿ˜‰

@ Narendra

This works almost everywhere, but flickr images are not protected, you can directly use right click and save image as method.

Good one.. knew it thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

Someone had to right.. :)

Step by step instructions makes it so easy to understand..

Oh, a very cool tip. Thanks for sharing it with everyone! :)

@ Haris

Thanks for dropping by… :-)

Gud yar i lov this trick of urs
pls do mail if ne more

@ Hitesh

Glad that you love my trick, keep visiting this blog regularly and get subscribed to follow updates.

This approach looks simpler will try out next time.

Cool Trick ,However you can also Follow Guide to Save Picture from Orkut If you face problem with above tricks .

hey dude..
neat trick (da orkut one) however i am facing a problem i still cant open locked albums in orkut and copy da images…
please can u guide me on this….!!!
i’ll be greatfull…….

@Mohin Ansri

There were few tricks used in the past to view locked albums. Currently no such tricks are available and those orkut bugs are now fixed. You cannot view locked albums or scrapbooks :(

there is a software to do all this but this looks simpler too

Thanks for the tricks…

Works great but the picture that is saved is much smaller than the original…how do I fix that? thank you.


What I guess from your comment is the page might have TWO IMAGES, one is a minimized version and other one is what you are willing to save now (possible – I have seen many pages that way). You are saving the small one, probably you should look into the media list again, the dimensions are also mentioned there, check out.

I have done it like this for hi5:

Should work for any that contain transparent layer over the image.

I have tried to download some videos but have not been successful with that.

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Ur awesome, I have to appreciate the little things like these.

But how can get the copy of those flash video files in .html format which is usually ran by the website its self online?

for sacing flash videos we can use a firefox addon called downloadhelper , it can download from almost any site.

thanks buddy ur downloading procedure is really useful for me

This was very helpful, hey and i learned something ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks

I have also noticed with firefox and others when you go to a web page their is a window that comes up behind the page, advertisment, whatever it is and more sites doing it, when you close out you see them then have to close out that window, any how too’s and stoping that and does it affect you viewing the orginal page ? thanks

as for Rahul S jore post:

Rahul S jore i believe you can use photobucked to store them in then copy the tags , html codes or any toher storage site.

Thanks man, i’ve been looking for a such tip forever. Had some of my pictures on one of the sites and couldn’t download them! Good looking out.

what ’bout this one;
i could’nt save it


The method even works for the page you mentioned.

How about the photo’s from here?

Ideally, with the software that gives the ability to rotate, and flip to the info on the back…

Very good tip. Thank you very much
However does anyone knows how to automate this process with downloading all images from a page?

Never mind my previous request. I didn’t realize at first that I can select and save multiple images at once.

I spoke too soon. I can Shift select and download all at once images that are not protected, but the protected ones have the same name which results in saving one image after overwriting all downloads with the same name.

Some images still can’t copy. eg:

When I use this approach the file in question comes up as a SWF file. How can that be saved?

How can I download the instructional videos from here:

In Windows 7 just use the snipping tool.

Wao, thanks! Just what I was looking for!

Hey Thanks for Great Tutorial.

I thought i would require any software to download swf files from Websites.
But through firefox i can capture any swf within few clicks from any website!

Again Thanks :)

Thanks for info its very useful to me ……

Its still working.. :)
Great and thanks for sharing this info…

I used to use the live http headers plug in for firefox with wget, but this is much easier

some flikr images are protected
also to do this i any browser right click off the image and save the whole web page then go to the folder that is downloaded along with the html and find your stuff there

When I click on this web site it comes up in a different window, so I can’t access the tools menu associated with it. Can you please help me with it?

what about images with file extensions of .PHP will they work as well? all of the images on this site are watermarked with the site logo/icon.

Hi, i want to download a flash video in the url

but the file is protected. I used a lot of programs like av recorder, flash get, links online etc but nothing because the file is protected and the link above is not the link for the file.

Can you help me please?

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