VReel screenshots released[Pics]

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 10, 2008



All are very keen and waiting for the release of VReel, the video sharing portal powered by DivX technology. After shutdown of stage6 all were indeed waiting for such a video sharing service offering high quality DivX videos. Now, VReel has taken the initiative to launch that service. It was supposed to be launched by May 6th, but on that day, they just placed a notification that they are going to launch the service in May, 2008 and date is not clear till now. Here are the screenshots released by them in the forum. Enjoy them till the actual service launches.

Home page

Home page of VReel


Search Page Preview

Search Page Preview


Video preview

Video viewer page, subject to change


Channel chooser page

Channel chooser page, to browse based on categories.


One more thing you might have observed. The caption they are using "Xpress Yourself", whose clone is it? Youtube’s or Airtel’s?


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7 Readers responded to this post

This is really nice news :mrgreen:
although I never saw stage6 but went to veoh.net which was the temporary substitute of stage 6 😎
but u knw something lacked there too ❓

Siddharths last blog post..Create cool Stick animations very easily with StickFigure Animator

I too have visited veoh, but I was a great fan of stage6, where I could get movies of different languages at high quality and most importantly I could download them at a very good rate. It was really a great site which shut down due to expensive maintenance. 😥

Pavan Kumars last blog post..VReel screenshots released[Pics]

Vreel.net is run by a member of anti Scientology group anonymous who hacked stage6 and 4chan and rumoured to be another Eon8

About Vreel.net http://stage6.18.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=2244

@ Justink

Thanks for the info, I never knew such history may exist behind the most buzzed vreel.net

Justink is full of crap – they’re just trying to dissuade people from visiting vreel, and instead flock to low-quality and poorly run alternatives.

Gooo Vreel! 😀 (open beta next week!!!)

@ Codex

I guess you are from vreel team. What users always expect is a quality service, if vreel provides good service, all will stick on to that irrespective of its history or background. Vreel has already created a lot of buzz among the crowd but the site being down for few days was the main drawback. Anyway, vreel still rocks in traffic and I guess beta itself will flood visitors to it.

PS: Already I have seen lots of visitors moving to the stage6 forum from the link given by Justink.

Vreel is a front company for Zango.

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