Updates with Google and Orkut…

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 11, 2008


A quick post about updates with google and orkut. As we all know google often change its logo on special occations. It was noticed today by one of our active visitors, Siddharth and I Iooked for any updates with any other logos of google. Here are few updates which I found in this journey.

I first keyed in google to check out. I got to know that Google India don’t have any change in logo. Even I keyed in one of their ip address I knew (Google English). But finally I found it to be celebrating it as seen from Dallas. And orkut is celebrating with its new logo. Here are the pics.

Google on Mothers day

Orkut on mothers day

One more thing you can notice on orkut logo is at the right bottom corner, the text "Congratulations Divya!" surely it is an Indian design :smile: .

While doing all these I noticed that Orkut Pakistan [www.orkut.pk] is no more. It has been replaced by a anonymiser site from which I got the google logo shown above.


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4 Readers responded to this post

Yep Even I do believe it must be by some indian :mrgreen:
Indians are rocking everywhere 😎
I recently read an article on chip on how indian developers are more preferred to create open social apps 😛

Siddharths last blog post..Orkut has a new and cool logo!

@ Siddharth

Cheap labour in India may also be one of the reasons why we are rocking…

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Updates with Google and Orkut…

The logo change was only for the main Google.com site. Not for anyone else.

Hariss last blog post..Firefox 3 Almost Completed

@ Haris

Thank you for info…. and welcome to TechPavan.com :smile:

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Worldwide mobile e-mail to sms gateway address

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