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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 29, 2008


Finally, the google page rank updating is in progress. I got to know this when reading my daily feed and checked mine, and it has gone up to PR4. YOHOO! Anyway, I am extremely happy with that and wanted to share the same with you, so this quick post. Thanks for all visitors, subscribers, all those indirect guides from whom I learnt many things and most importantly hyperwebenable for providing me service and to be honest, I have to thank Google for such a gift. Thank you all….


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Hey frnd,
I dont know why google toolbar is showing me 0 PR of ur site :(
Here’s a screenshot :-
My site is still getting no page rank info available

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May be frnd, the updating is not over for all data centers… probably it will be updated within one or two days…. I don’t use google toolbar… don’t want it to consume it my FF view space…. please check back….

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Google updates Page Rank

Yep now ur site shows 4 PR
and my 0 Lolz

Siddharth’s last blog post..Yahoo Messenger for Vista Beta Launched

Don’t worry dude…. your content is good, and at regular frequency…. you can expect a good jump like me next time… To be frank, my expectation was PR3, but I got still better…. dude, keep working….Thanks for the second reply…

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Google updates Page Rank

my blog page rank is 2

thx for keeping my hope 😀
also check out my latest web dev icon pack preview 😀

Siddharth’s last blog post..Yahoo Messenger for Vista Beta Launched

@ Ajay
Congrats …. well done….

@ Siddharth
Nice made icons dude…. release soon…

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Google updates Page Rank

Congrats man! Getting from 0 to 4 is really something to be proud of!

Congrats on the PR increase. 0 to 4 is really awesome

Madhur Kapoor’s last blog post..JeetBlog – Great Resource for Technology, Blogging, Productivity Tips

Congrats on the achievement!

Joel’s last blog post..How to Switch between A1 and R1C1 Reference Style in Excel?

@ Syahid, Madhur, Joel

Thank you all

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Google updates Page Rank

Congrats on PR4.

Nirmal’s last blog post..Free System Mechanic and Iolo Anti-Virus Genuine License Key

awesome man!
Within 3 months, u got PR-4
Its only bcoz of your content5 uniqueness and regularity and dedication towards blog.
Keep ur good work.

@ Nirmal and Rohit

Thank you both….

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Google updates Page Rank

Say it with FLOWERS : ) Cheers…

Piyush Ks last blog post..Talkfree7: Google Custom Search Engine

:smile: why just flowers, a garland of flowers ….. :smile: 😎

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Great posts! Tnx all!

I reached your page from hyperwebenable. Congratulations to you for the leap from PR 0 to 4.

@ Ghatozkat

Thank you…

Hy Pavan, many congrats to become in lime light.
I also love Google very much. Keep it up in future with more
Awesome writings …..OK !!!

God bless you and have a happy rainy season to you and plz
convey my proper regards to over there in your family OK!

Your friend- VICKY.punne4e

PS: Hey pavan could you tell me with which software you made
this. Please tell me. :)

Hi Pavan,

My first comment on your blog….just wanted to let you know that your pagerank appears to be 3 on my toolbar…do check if there has been some change.

@ binaryday

Just have a look at the archive date of this post… this was posted in April and that was a previous update… in the recent update, my PR is 3.


Which software are you speaking about? I did not get that….

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