How hot is your motherboard [Pics]

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 5, 2008



This is a mail I received from my friend which shows how hot a mother board will be at its performance. I don’t know which make it is and it is not even possible to make out the manufacturer of this board or processor. Just I thought it a rare collection of photos. So, am sharing with you here. If you can make out something, please share.









As I have told you in the beginning, I got all these pics in a forward mail If it is yours, please contact me, I will link you back.


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ha ha funny 😀
but I wont be trying that with my PC otherwise papa will kill me lolz

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Even I don’t recommend it with anyone, rather I recommend to use softwares provided by original hardware vendors to monitor the temperature. One thing I should tell you, my AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (2Ghz, 2005 make) used to get heated up to 65+ degree centigrade. I was not intelligent (?) enough to make use of that heat energy to make my food….

Pavan Kumars last blog post..How hot is your motherboard [Pics]

Thats ridiculous! Are you sure its original photos. 😀
Nice find anyway. 😆

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@ Nirmal,

That’s what I have told in the beginning, I got them in a forward mail and I hold no authority and no guarantee about the content of this post.

Pavan Kumars last blog post..How hot is your motherboard [Pics]

hehehe… how they can make food with the heat of motherboard !!! How much time they spent on this ??? lol

@ Simran

I wonder how you found this page.. lol…. just notice the gap of 1 year between the post and your comment :)


Actually I was reading your post on making of Vodafone Zoo Zoo ads and found this post in related posts of zoo zoo post 😀

The comment before mine is on may 6th, 08 and my comment is on may 24, 09

Full 1 year gap 😛

One kind of an experiment here. hehe!

cooking with a computer hehehe!
thanks for sharing.

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