Top 10 Tips for Using Online Fax Services: Send/Receive Fax Online

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 23, 2009


Now, we already know about various fax related services which can help you send / receive fax online. Starting from black fax attack, we learnt how to send free fax online and then on receiving a fax online with an incoming fax number. Online faxing services are indeed a bliss, but as a user, you need to take care of few things before using such free online faxing web services.

Online faxing tips to send/receive fax through internet

It becomes a foolish act to simply use the fax services available for free for whatever the purpose you find. There are few serious tips to be considered before sending your fax to anyone who requests it online.

1. There are many spammers who mail you telling that you won / business partnering / some help to invest in your country and request you to send your driving license / passport / voters id or anything through fax / email. Never respond them through free faxing or emails.

2. Some bank mail ids (including Paypal) request you to send a copy of passbook along with your internet banking account login id and password. They are again hackers who try to trick you for their phishing scams. Just ignore them, if you give your details, your account soon settles at big 0. Check out phishing attack in live.

3. Never fax anyone just for testing: Few people have a good habit of testing everything they get. But that good habit can prick you in bad times if the one who received your inappropriate fax is an influential person and reverse checks your number and details. Be more cautious the recipient is not any governmental office. Test online fax sending services only with your/any friend’s own fax machine, not a third party.

4. Never ask anyone to fax you just for testing: This is inverse of above. If someone gets your incoming fax number, he might start abusing the system and you are the one who lose your account and might get a lifetime ban from those free fax services.

5. Auto responders & announcement mails: Many use such services like vacation notificatins etc to send their updates to everyone on the address book, that ‘everyone’ may also include your faxing service and there is a chance that your account will be suspended for abusing with invalid mails. Indeed its a bad idea to setup auto responders if you have subscription to any web services / blog updates. At the end, you will be the loser.

6. Review the "Privacy Policy": Most of the internet users are not aware about an almost compulsory page called "Privacy Policy" which discloses how your data is handled. If you find anything fishy in free faxing service, its better to avoid it. There are many other trusted ones to try. They might use statements like your faxed documents might be stored for study purposes. Do you wish your passport / GF photo be studied by those services?

7. Never fax acquaintances: Its too risky to fax from your fax number to the one whom you met in some stranger chat service especially those e-wh0res whom you met on a dating forum.

8. Avoid sending online fax at work: Most of the companies/ offices monitor users’ activities while online, its better to avoid online faxing at office.

9. Don’t save fax mail id in contacts: This can be useful if some malware hides in your system and sends automatic mails to everyone on your contact list. This is based on assumption that your faxing service also accepts mail based faxing apart from web interface fax sending.

10. Use telephones / email / traditional fax service for tooooo sensitive information. Its tough to trust anyone online if it comes to super confidential matters.

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