How To Receive Fax Online by Email – Receive Faxes Online with Free Fax Number

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 17, 2009


We already know how exactly we can send free faxes online with free fax services. But sending is just one part of communication. You sometime also need to receive fax and for which we internet users don’t want to pay. Here is how you can receive faxes online by email with free fax number.

Receive free fax online

eFax is the service which provides you with one month of free service to receive fax on computer with a free incoming fax number which you can share with anyone. This fax number can be customized to the extent that you can choose your number from your home country or any international location and choose among the supported states / regions.

You can also get a toll free number for incoming fax in selected regions to receive incoming faxes avoiding any fees to your fax senders which is much better option for companies to provide an optimal support.

The faxes you receive on this free incoming fax number will be sent directly to your email as an attachment which you can download and use. Also you can send faxes with this service through email attachments. There is only one catch with the service that you need to provide your complete billing information including credit card number. Though the service is free to try for 30 days, you should opt out of service if you don’t want to use the service for long time.

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Amazing, Improved fax system. It should be free just like an email.

Ya, it is good for casual communications but should not be used for confidential faxes as the data goes thru some other system and then it comes to you. But yes can be used for experiencing the free incoming fax on Internet. Cool info buddy.

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