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Written by Pavan Kumar on October 27, 2008


VoIP is occupying all over the world telecom industry with its extensive cheap or free calls. There are loads of voip services emerging these days and even the quality of phone calls with voip is improving day by day. Today, I am discussing a totally free service which enables you to call different locations.

Free call worldwide

Such great service I am pointing is They do not claim that it is unlimited one, but we can guess easily. Per IP per week, they offer 300 minutes. But how many people on this earth come under static IP internet connection? Which virtually makes it unlimited.

The calls may be initiated through their software as a PC to phone call or even you may generate phone to phone call. For both, you need to install their small software and register to account. Registration is not a time consuming process and does not require any credit card or email verification. It is a very good tool to make free calls to their free destination listed. For non free destination, some fixed rates apply which you may check out in the calling rates page. Non free users may call free destinations using soft phone and free destination users can make phone to phone calls. They also offer sms services, but we have lots of alternatives for that.

Non free destination users, no need to worry, you have another worldwide free calling service – Tabrio. It is worth to give a try…

free call dial pad

The free countries include:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong (+mobile), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico (+mobile), Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States (+mobile)


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14 Readers responded to this post

Wow thats really good.. Thanks for the share…


Welcome buddy, guess you have many international contacts…

Hey, this is nice.
But what for indian users

Hi..Pavan Kumar..!

Your Site is Superbbb…!! I lovt it..! Lotz of cool tips n lotz info bout VOIP…itz simply Great yaar…!!

i live in India…and my all relatives live in MALAWI (Central Affrica) is there any chance to call them FREE or any cheap rates VOIP service u prefare for MALAWI.

Please REPLY..



Keep visiting, if anything is available, I will make a post. You may be interested in using tabrio [], grab the offer, it lasts on Nov 12th.

Recently a service called voxox is launched, it is making a lot of buzz. I did not try that, but few others reported it to be good. Check out :)

I usually don’t blog on those services which offer cheap calls. I never test such ones, but you may refer to which is the authority blog in voip field.

You may also visit other voip blogs:

well said.

Comparison between VoIP Providers at :

Do u know what is a Voip router ?

read at :

hey buddy u rock! Hey listen! I’m browsin thru cel n i need to cal std frnds fo free.. Is dr any trick o somethi lik tat?

India not in de list..Whats de service for free calls within india..?

Good post. There are also many other methods which let you make free STD or ISD calls using internet.

can u tell about free calls to nepal….some website like the one however, twitalker don’t have nepal on their lists and i searched a lot of free call websites but none of them have nepal on their free calling countries list……..
hope u can help…

iam bikram i need unlimited calling to nepal phone

can you plz tel me about the free unlimeted cals to canada,ireland,norway and uk

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