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Written by Pavan Kumar on July 30, 2009


People go crazy when found any free calling utility to make free calls from PC through internet to landlines or mobile phones. I have seen many such services in the past, but most of them cannot survive for a long time serving free calls and get converted into premium service from free calling service or few shut down.

Make free PC to phone calls with voip

tuitalk - make free callsHere I got one free PC to phone calling service, Tuitalk which does not have a premium option and all calls are ad sponsored. You need to register with them and download their software in order to make free calls. Signing up with them does not even require your credit card and hence this one is a very advantageous option for anyone even if they want to try for experimental purposes.

They currently support more than 40 countries and every user will get 3 phone calls per day. Each PC to phone call duration is decided by the country you are dialing into. Most of the countries are provided with 6 minutes per call contributing 18 minutes per day. Few countries also have been allotted with 6 minutes of call for land lines and mobiles each which makes the total of 36 minutes a day.

They also have their software application available for Windows Mobile and PC version supports Win XP and Vista.

Most of the free voip services do not support India, but Tuitalk does for only incoming calls, people in India and Turkey can only receive calls from those in other supported countries, but cannot make calls to others in any country :( But this seems to be a worth try voip service for supported countries and if someone succeed with any hacks to use it in India, please share in comments.


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14 Readers responded to this post

Really a nice service. Thanks for sharing.

I made an account on it, but still couldn’t login.

So, now I’m trying Free411 service(+18003733411) and I call this number through Skype as Skype provides free service to toll-free numbers.

Hey any idea about Google Voice? I have got the number but no idea about how to receive calls. Even Gizmo5 isn’t working with Google anymore.

@ Abhijeet,

Even I could not login to the service, may be the login itself is blocked in India :(

I am still waiting for Google Voice to send me an invite, no idea about that at the time being :(

Hi Pavan,

Congrats for showcasing yet another nice free calling VOIP resource to India, right said, only a few supports to India free call / VOIP,

I still love PC to PC unlimited free international call via SKYPE, its easy, hassle free and great quality with an established platform with all of the best P2P sophisticated VOIP tech. : )


@Pavan Kumar
Yeah, its blocked in India, I mean yet to launch but I have got a US number using proxy. I used UltrSurf Proxy(Its free and portable: I you want an invitation leave a request here with Google

@ Piyush,

PC to PC free calls is no more a mystery, wherever you stay, you can access it free at a high quality. Thanks for the comment

@ Abhijeet,

I have already applied for invite, even I know a lot proxy servers, but using proxy for secure logins is not a safe habit, I wish you too stop using proxy for logins. Proxy is just for browsing, not for registering or logging into any of your accounts.

Any new in mobile VoIP. I live in london and i use Vopium Call India Package to call my mother in Delhi. Vopium Call India package gives me 30SMS and 30 Min free on landlines.

@ Leena,

Non Indian residents have much options for calling India than we native Indian residents… You can also try above service with 6 minutes per call through this gateway:

Thank you so much it really worked .. Also i made it as 60 mins for a day rather 6 mins

free call voip I have already applied for invite

every body any can plz help i am in oman & here all voip services is block .so i can use through vpn Or any proxy . so any body update me free vpn or proxy.

if you install hotspot shield you can login in india

In This world Nothing is Free for Long !
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Enjoy! with Demo 10mints free calls to india, usa, canada and uk with your PC..
Register and enjoy ! the service.
Also very cheap rates for INDIA AND USA.
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Thanks a ton! pavan Kumar , this really seems to be working Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrret!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep posting such thing

tuitalk is not working can you tell me why not?

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