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Written by Pavan Kumar on September 11, 2009


Mobile phone is a very common gadget in current times and most of the geeks prefer to go with a high end cell phones with much used features like mp3, fm radio, camera support etc. If you have such a phone and want to use the camera of your mobile phone as a web camera, here is how you can do it. No need to buy anything, just convert your mobile camera into webcam with free softwares.

mobile web camera

Symbian S60 Smart Phones with Camera & Bluetooth

If you have a Symbian S60 smart phone with a camera and bluetooth communication, you can use the same as your webcam using SmartCam and it works even for web apps like Skype etc. This is a free application which can help you connect with your phone through bluetooth and work in real time to capture as per the need. As this does not require any cable connection, you can carry your mobile to any place within a short range and take any shots with your wireless web camera mobile phone.

Mobile phone camera as webcam on Symbian S60 series smart phones

Sony Ericsson Camera Mobile Phones

SE Webcam can help you partially get the job done. With this utility you can use your Sony Ericsson phone camera to take snaps, but it is not possible to live stream the video directly onto your computer screen. This would only help if you are taking your own photographs and renders useless for live video chat / conference applications. This little tool is available in 5 different languages and is free to use.

Use Sony Ericsson camera phone as webcam - SEWebcam

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59 Readers responded to this post

Pavan other than SE Webcam I think there is no other application used as webcam for Sony erricsson

I have Sony Erricsson W810i and have been searching for similar applications but couldn’t find the required one..!!

@ EchoBlogger,

The coincidence is that I too use the same handset. To the best of my knowledge, there are no good apps other than that. Though Nokia or other symbian mobiles including blackberry and windows mobile have different paid apps for web camera on mobile phone.

nice post man.. i was going to buy a web cam but now i will use my Nokia N95 for this purpose !

you really rock man

@ Devilslab

Wow, helped you at right time, I feel happy :)

nice post…
will definitely give it a try
thank you

I am trying to make my mobile camera nokia 6288 use as a webcam.

I am trying this but not successful.
can u help me in step by step process.

I have tried the one in google on line help but was not successful.

I hope u will help me.

i had got a nokia 3110 & i want to convert it into a web cam . what should i do?

Is It Possible to take a good camera from a old mobile phone and connect it to your cheap usb webcam ( basically i want to take the little cam out of the webcam and put my phone cam in it)
is there a way?

Okay, so i have a Samsung phone. The Eternity to be exact. Before i download this app…I really must know will it work for my phone? Or should I just test it out to find out…b/c all my friends have skype and I have been DYING to get a webcam just to join in :) ((infulence isnt always good…lol)) But I’m just wondering! Thank You!

I have a black berry curve 8330 and I am wondering how I can use the video on it as a web cam by its self or hooking it up to a laptop

i use nokia 3110 c mobile. i want to use thise mobile as a web came with help of only USB CABLE.
pls advise me. how can i down load this softwer from net.

i am having Nokia E71…and want to use it as webcam…but i am not having proper information about the software to install and which software..plz help me

i have a nokia6233 cam software converta web cam

i want to use my nokia 2700 classic and my samsung corby plus as web cam but dont know how to do that .. can you help me wid that …

Hi Pavan

I am searching for a desktop utlity which can be used to send sms via internet create a database of contacts and can sysnc with the mobile phone
Also how can I use sony digital camera as a webcam
Please help

i am using 5300 nokia.will it support this software.plz help me with that…..

i am using nokia 5300 and it can be made as webcam using mobiola. it does not display the streaming video from mobile. actually it take pictures frame by frame and display it in pc. send me a request i will send it to your mail with full instructions. and my mail id is

Hello Mr. pravin… i m shahbaz ahmad…
i just want to connect my nokia 6300 camera as a my web cam.. would you please help me regarding dis…

i want to use my sony ericsisson w 205 camera as a webcam.plz dicribe process step by step.i hope u will solve my problem.thnx

hi i am using nokia 2700 classic can i use as a web cam

How Can i use the cam of my nokia 6303i classic as web cam??

I am trying to use my motorola phone ZN 200 so wich software should i use
i have camera in my phone so kindly recommend me the best software that i can download from net

i wanna use my samsung s8003 as webcam please give an appropriate software for pc and mobile

i have samsung m2710 (beat edition) can it be used as a web cam

i have *samsung star 3g*(properiatory os),can i use my phone camera as webcam if yes then pls tell me how in details.thank u very much…….pls help……………*******************my mail n messenger id

hey nice article,

check here also
Use Mobile as Webcam

sir i m use china mobile

and i want to use my mobile cemera as web cemera

plz suguest me

thank you

I would like to use Nokia E71 as a web camera, so plz. send me best software for that on mail id

hie ,
as i am having pc and nokia 5300 so how can i connect to my nokia handset to my pc and ofcourse any extra harware we need to connect to our pc for bluetooth beacause pc don’t have bluetooth connectivity. and if it is connected then what range will be there for connectivity and also kindly suggest me the name of software please

interesting post.but how it will work plz send me the informations about this

Can i use my nokia 6303 classic phone as a webcam?



I am having Nokia E71…somebody can advice about video chat with mobile. I wanna use my Nokia E71 with double cam for video chat using gprs connection chat on live in real video someone have idea about some software with only mobile and gprs connection.

I am having Nokia E71…somebody can advice about video chat with mobile. I wanna use my Nokia E71 with double cam for video chat using gprs connection chat on live in real video someone have idea about some software with only mobile and gprs connection. my male id is :

hey friend i have Nokia 6303i Classic i just want to use ma phone on my PC. I want it to use through my Nokia cable and even i dont have bluetooth connection wid my PC .Please respond with a favorable reply.

hi i have n72 and i want to know how can i use it as web cam.

I have sony ericson w595 mobile phone i conect it with internet with pc suit soft ware i need to use my phone camera as web com plse send me

i have Nokia 3110 fone i want to this fone as a web cam please tel me how to use this fone as a web cam?

i want to my phone samsung sgh-j150 camera work as my webcamera for video chating is this possible.and if this is possible write me how?

I have Intex 6623 mobile phone. Please tell me how i use this phone as web cam

i am using nokia 5300 and how i can use mobile camera as a webcam… with USB CABLE..
pls guide me how can i download this software from net..

Hi . I have nokia 2700 classic but i don’t know how to it work as a web cam plz tell me step by step.

how can i use my NOKIA 6230 cell phone as a webcam on pc please tell me about it please

I have nokia 7210. can i use my cellphone as a webcam?
please help.
Pankaj Pathak

I am using sony erricson K810i with vedio call option in it. how can I use this perticular mobile as a web cam. please provide the procedure or tell how to get the softwares. waiting

i have nokia N70, how to using phone as webcam via bluetooth

plz tell me

i downloaded jar file for my symbian mobile to make my cell camera as web cam….but were do i get the support for it in system….(the software to be installed in PC .exe file???)

Wat about using the HTC mobile or the Blackberry camera as Webcam

i use nokia 5235 mobile. i want to use thise mobile as a web came with help of only USB CABLE.
pls advise me. how can i down load this softwer from net.

i have nikia 5235 i want to use mobile as webcam my mail n masseg to me id is

i have *samsung star GT-S5233S can i use my phone camera as webcam if yes then pls tell me how in details.thank u very much…….pls help……………*******************my mail n messenger id

I have a Samsung SGH-A737, and although I’ve never used this feature, I know it has the capability to send or receive video chat, though only one way. So I know, for example, that I could call a skype number and have that skype to record my video live. But I am searching to see if there is any other way to send a live video feed from my Samsung phone to a public web service such as youtube which could continuously record as long as my phone could stay connected. I think such a feature could be useful in case I was in danger of being attacked and I wanted to record the identity of the attacker without him being able to remove the evidence simply by destroying my phone. And of course I would want it to be located in the cloud or a public web service in case I was attacked at home and my own computer was at risk of being stolen as well as my phone. I know the technology exists, but I need help to find it. Thanks!

my mobile N-73 camra is not coonect web cam. please intimate soulation my mobile camra connet to web cam

i have a sony ericsson mobile C702 & Nokia N72 I want to use it as web cam please suggest which software is suitable for me.

As I read this is a good software for those who havn’t web cam.

i want an application for my sony ericsson aino U10i to use it as a web cam please somebody suggest me one


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