How to Test Components of Sony Ericsson Phone

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 17, 2009


Like any consumer electronic product, mobile phones too sometimes behave in an inappropriate way. Here we shall deal with how to test different services / components of a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. With this, you will be able to test different hardware components like Main Display, LED / Illumination, Keypad / Keyboard, Speaker, Earphone, Microphone, Vibrator, Camera, Flash LED, Memory Stick, FM Radio etc. This works for most of the handsets though I am unsure about the low end models.

There is one secret menu in the Sony Ericsson phone which most of the users are not aware of. It can be accessed with a serial key press in a specific order (secret code). Here we go:

Press > * < <  * < * . If you cannot follow the symbols, please have a look at the following figure and you will understand.

Sony Ericsson Keypad

Once you press this key sequence, you will be presented with a menu which has options like Service Info, Service Tests and Text Labels. Select Service Tests. Now you are up with the menu to test different components of your phone. Different components are tested different way and you will not find it difficult to carry over the process.

Testing Sony Ericsson components

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7 Readers responded to this post

Ohh never knew about this.. will try it it out now…


Well, I never knew you have SE phone too…

Pavan, i amusing the above phone, but i didn’t get the symbols, how to enter it ?.

@Anish K.S

To represent the symbols itself I have published the image. If you have a phone with joystick, pressing it to left is repsented here by “< " and pressing right the joystick is ">“. Hope now, you are clear…

Anish K.S , i was amazed to find out that u were still struggling for the arrow keys even after Pavan provided the simple image help.
I must say that U shud not be using this phone. I can understand that the technology sector in the world is progressing tooooooooo fast 4 u. Just do one favor. Before putting in this type of question again………..JUST USE UR BRAINS 4 A CHANGE.
(now dont come asking why have i used 4)……………………..

WOW.. thank alot. it’s usefull.

my mobil model sonn ericsson k750i,
how to use remote control?

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