How To Mass Add Contacts to New Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 30, 2009


Its a trend to switch mobile phones, everyone tries to upgrade their phones once in two or three years. If you have bought a new mobile phone for yourself from Sony Ericsson, here is how you can add all your contacts easily without typing on tiny keypad of SE phone.

1. With backup contacts available as file

If you have a backup of contacts from previous phone / email program, you can easily insert that entire phone book into your phone. You can try SE contact backup / restore method to carry out the process. or use Float’s Mobile Agent tool and import the contacts and synchronize with phone as shown in the image below. In the course, you may need some tools like CSV to vCard Converter.

sony ericsson phone book contact updating procedure

2. When contacts are not available as files

This requires some sort of work, but typing on a PC keyboard is a lot easier than typing on mobile keypad. Again use the same Float’s Mobile Agent to add contacts and don’t forget to synchronize later. In the above screenshot, the right click context menu shows you the option to add New Person. You can enter all details on that and click Synchronize To > Phone Address Book.

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Very Useful Post…

how do i download the compass on my sony phone w525. Can you develop a system wherin a software can be downloaded directly to mobile without conecting it to the pc.

very informative…been looking for this for a long time. thanks a ton.

Recently I have purchased w395 sony ericsson. Pleae let me know that how can I install phone book from pc to w395. As the backup had been taken through w550i and w550i had been lost.

Thanks for the information..Its very useful information as I bought a new handset of this company and was wondering to know how to transfer the data..I will follow your instructions..

fantastic post, I was searching about this as, I have w810 i , and I m really very thankful to you for this wonderful post,

fantastic post, I was searching about this as, I have w810 i , and I m really very thankful to you for this wonderful post,

thanks again

how can i open .bm3 file. Its the backup of my sony ericson g700 mobile phone. I want to open it.
Please help me on this

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