How To Listen Online Radio Stations with Winamp

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 10, 2008



There are many ways for online entertainment. There have been many discussions related with streaming internet music or streaming video all over the blogosphere these days. Every such discussion included either sites which serve internet radio or some softwares which you need to listen to music. Here I am going to share with you the technique I use regularly to listen to free music online.

You don’t need to buy any software or don’t even need to install another freeware/ shareware available online. Just use the 24 * 7 running [at least on my system] winamp to listen to internet radio stations. No need to spend any extra system resource for that!

shoutcast radio streaming

Any version of winamp above 2.5 is ok for this. For playing internet radio, you need winamp playlist files [.pls extension] related with those stations / channels. You can get these files from SHOUTcast directory where you have option to search for radio stations of your choice.

When a radio station of your choice is found, just click on “Tune in” button at the left. Download window opens and you download it, open in Winamp. That’s it!

how to use shoutcast to choose radio station

While choosing, its wise to pick the ones with a better bitrate of around 96kbps to 128 kbps. They provide you with better quality of sound. Even, you may sort the search results by bitrate.

There are different genre available on the site like alternative, classical, country, dance/house, funk, jazz, metal, mixed, pop, rap, RnB, rock, talk, techno, 70’s, 80’s and world. The wisest way is to search by yourself.


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Dude, any trick to listen Indian Radio stations such as Mirchi, Radio city and others online?

Hey, not mirchi or radio city. There are different hindi channels available on that like radio nimbooda, radio kushi, radio nri,, classical hindi songs.. Even live stations also available…

Further links you may check out… – a blog dedicated for online radio and music. – a dedicated website for online radio channels, few channels can be played in the site only.

This is quite useful, because most of us still using the good old Winamp for hearing musics. Thanks for sharing this….

@ Jk

You are most welcome…

Thank for information.
I search how to listen online radio with Winamp and see your site.

I was Searching hot to listen radio on winamp,i found this site ,it is very informative,now i got the idea hot to listen radio on winamp.

Internet radio

I was Searching hot to listen radio on winamp,i found this site ,it is very informative,now i got the idea hot to listen radio on winamp.

I tried that… Nitin’s online radio…

this is way to good than that nitin’s radio….

and thrilled to see the winamp playing radio….

Thanks for information..
Tooo gooood….!!!!


I can’t see “Tune it” anywhere. It’s not the same layout as on your example above… Plus, I can search for radios by genre, station and artist, i can play them, but how can I add them on Winamp?

Thanks for helping.

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