How to Recover When Mozilla Firefox Crashes Due to Incompatible Addon

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 8, 2009


Firefox Addons would not work in all cases when you apply compatibility hack. Sometimes, the hack you apply for addon / browser when old firefox addon is not working on latest version makes an adverse effect by crashing the browser every time you start it. As a result you will not be able to open FF, nor browse internet. Here is how to deal with such situation.

Most of the users are not aware about Safe Mode in Firefox. If you happen to have used that before, you might remember that gives the most fast performance of FF as it removes all custom settings, themes and extensions. That provides the solution – open firefox in safe mode and it clearly opens and now you can debug what went wrong.

How to open Firefox in Safe Mode?

Firefox open in safe mode - optionsClick on Start > Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Firefox (Safe Mode) – this will open your FF in SM. You have a ready shortcut available in start menu. If you have removed that by mistake, you can access it by clicking Start > Run [shortcut: Winkey+R] and keying in firefox -safe-mode and click OK. There is no need to click on any of the checkboxes, just click Continue in Safe Mode.

Linux or Mac users please refer to KB.

What to do in Safe Mode to recover Firefox?

Goto Tools > Addons. This opens the addon list in your firefox. They are temporarily disabled by Safe Mode, now identify the addon which caused the crash (most recent addon you installed) and uninstall it. This should solve the problem with your browser.

Disabled addons in firefox safe mode

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Firefox will not work in safe mode!!

please help to recover the mozilla firefox crsh

please help me

Safe Mode not works too…

I cant use safe mode if I cant open firefox at all. I click the icon and it goes to a crash window.

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