How to Block / Unblock Images From Websites on Firefox

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 7, 2009


First let us know why would someone block images from some / all websites to appear while you browse through the website.

We usually block images from all websites in few cases –

  • When using slow internet connections – Images use lot of space and few webmasters don’t optimize images for websites and it will be a problem for both visitors and owners consuming huge bandwidth and making the websites load slow.
  • Images on a particular website is either too heavy to load / offensive to open on public computers etc. In this case, we block images from that particular website.

How to block all images?

In Firefox, goto Tools > Options > Uncheck Load Images Automatically. This will not allow any image to appear while you browse saving your bandwidth and making the internet fast.

Firefox option to block images or allow them

How to block all images except a few?

Go to the same window as above and click on Exceptions for loading images automatically. You will open a window where you have to key in the particular domain and Allow for the site you typed.

Exceptions for blocking or unblocking images on firefox

How to allow / unblock all images?

By default, FF allows all images to appear, if you have blocked it earlier, you may reverse the steps of blocking – just checking Load Images Automatically would help.

How to allow all images, but block a few?

You may use the same way as you do in case of blocking all and allowing a few, just change the button you click (Block). Earlier versions of FF used to have Block all images from … website on context menu, but the latest one I guess is missing that feature.

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3 Readers responded to this post

Good Reference Thanks

Unchecking “load images automatically” is no longer sufficient. I have this box unchecked,
and recently I started getting Google search results with embedded images. (Not Google
images search, but straight Google search…has images!) Obviously, these are not
ordinary embedded JPG or GIF references, but are scripted somehow.

However, I can’t just turn off scripting in Firefox options, since that disables FlashBlock
and then I would have embedded flash objects running without my consent. I’m hosed
if don’t have it checked, and now I’m hosed if I do.

Is there a way to block the images WITHOUT disabling scripting?

very very tnx

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