Hack to Play Media When Free Trial Expired

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 4, 2009


Almost every internet freak who is interested in music, audio or listening to free online radio is mostly aware of is a free online radio with loads of music and was free for a long time. Recently they announced that users outside US, UK and Germany need to pay a subscription fee of $3 to listen to online radio. This is a bad news for music lovers online and here I have provided a way to hack

If you love their service, please subscribe them by paying. If you are a new user, you may use this way to test their service, and if you love it, please purchase. To make it clear, this is not a hack, but I am making use of an available feature in order to clear the blocked way of accessing the free service.

Pick an anonymous proxy server from US / UK / Germany [these are the locations where is free now] from this proxy list. Note that this is not same as twitter proxy.

Open client. Tools > Options > Connection.

Now, choose the manual setting and paste the proxy detail from the list.

Hack to listen online radio free

Done. You are now anonymising yourself as a user from that country and hence the servers serve you with free online internet radio.

Note: This tutorial is for education purpose, please purchase if you are not included in free region. Alternatively you may use free internet radio with winamp.


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35 Readers responded to this post

Thanks! works fine… greetings from Hungary.

Yeah… Music is free…

Thnx from a Dutch listener

Thnx from a brazilian listener²

it did not work for me why???


Some proxies will go dead after a very few minutes of usage. Its better you check if your proxy server is working, otherwise change the proxy… If you love, think of buying…

come on… it only 3$ a month, why hack it? this way youre killing the music you want to hear!

@ camelsutra

Even I stress on that. I don’t love music that much and don’t have the subscription, but if people love the service, they should think of buying rather than using shortcuts :)

either I use this method or else I don´t listen music any more, so I am not killing anything, I am making no damage, I don´t sell cloned cds, I just enjoy radio, and I am not the only one. why should us, uk, and germany have it free? tI enjoy and love music as much as anyone, what has nationality to do with love for music? they should pay, as they are from rich countries, this block is killing music lovers.

@ valador

got a point there, same as the last fm app for iphone, not available in the netherlands, it’s a shame but not a reason to hack a site that needs the money to keep existing. they need the money to keep the site online legaly


😀 =D =-D

Great info!!!!!!!!!!!

great job man. music is free. IT MUST¡. enough the artist will have with the free propaganda. and the shows. great job¡ ANYONE ELSE KNOW A WAY OF HACK THIS SERVICE?

cool thanks you very much

is it possible with iscrobbler ?

Better to NOT use their worthless service, if they hate the world so much that they only wants to give the goodies to Germany, UK and US even if Germany and UK plus many other nations are part of the same European Union, they can kiss my a** because they are not worth the time.

Spotify is the way to go and NO MORE

hi dude… im doin ENGG Second year in hyderabad . and i wants yor help to start my own site. my mobile number is 9652051989

free net for airtel. ….. use airtel live and write//////////////////…….. and enter any site 4 free. dont tell any…….. chaitan{the haker}

HI, thanks for this info. i would like to know if it is possible to save the audio streamed by lastfm client. i have a slow internet connection and it would be much easier if i can save it and play in my windows media player.

Thank you sooooo much! :)

how do you get to know the Host of the proxy?

Not working for me… It just says “the last fm servers are temporarily overloaded”, doesn’t matter what IP I use.

Where exactly do I pick from the proxy list? What I mean is how do I find the IP Host and Port Number?

Hey everybody! I am from Venezuela and i suffered the same thing with the last fm after a few years of free using. I need some help because i don’t understand the list of free proxys. How can i do to see the host and port numbers? Thnx

I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t work for me. Every time I try to use a proxy it says the servers are overloaded, which is a load of bull. Could someone help me out?

ty 😀 work !!

please ,could somebody tell me what to do with more simple words or just what ip to write or something like that

Yeah can anybody tell us how we fiend the host -number?!!

Works great, thank you.

If it doesn’t work for you, try another proxy. You can get a number and port from here

Sorry, but I don’t undestand how can I pick up the host and the port from this sites.
If someone could help me I’ll really apreciate =D.

thanx a lot

Thank you so much man, i’m from Mexico & works perfectly

I use an older version of the os x scrobbler, and I’ve been listening to from outside of the three countries for over a year now :) Try to find a version of with the following version number (or earlier):

The iPhone app also works (sorta, crashes a lot) up to version 2.4 outside of the three.

did they lock this?? it’s not working for me…how unfair of them

@ Skeef thanks alot dude you really helped me out /kiss

it give me error when i play radio ??

OMG; IT WORKS. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu <33

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