Make FREE calls with JAJAH : A new hack ….

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 22, 2008


This is a very fresh hack, I discovered right a few minutes back. This is not the same one which you have seen in the old days by hiding your ip. With this hack, you can make a 5 min call to any number you wish, even if the number is in India.





I am using the toktumi software which I have discussed in my previous post. But one limitation is that, you can make calls to your wished number only once. That is a 5 min call at good (I mean, not best) quality. You don’t need to hide your ip, nor register to the system.


1. Download toktumi and install as told in my previous article.


2. Note your number provided by toktumi.


3. Goto Jajah website.

4. It identifies your ip and blocks the first number ISD code with your country’s.

5. Fill your friend’s number in that field, even mobile number works.

6. In second field, choose the country as US and use your toktumi number there.

7. Your call will be connected and you can speak for 5 minutes with good quality. First, your friend will receive a call, and then your toktumi phone rings.

One minus point with this is that you can call your friend only once, you can use the same toktumi number to call different friends.

Notify me if you have any more tricks in that regard…


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29 Readers responded to this post

Hi Pavan – I’m trying to understand where the 5 minute limit comes in. Toktumi doesn’t limit inbound calls to your phone number – they are free forever. Also, where did you experience the quality issue, with Toktumi software, or with Jajah? Our users consistently report very high quality with toktumi’s software – as you yourself did in your original post.

@ Peter
The 5 minute limit is from Jajah. I agree that the quality of toktumi as I experienced was great. Even from my previous experience, I had a very good quality with Jajah (I used it long back, some 3 months ago) on my regular land line. Now, may be the problem with Jajah only…. Thanks Peter for such a nice service…

TechPavan’s last blog post..Make FREE calls with JAJAH : A new hack ….

Good try at the hack. I guess it will only work once, not multiple times.

Secondly, dont entertain stanacard spam. These people get commission whenever someone enter their promo code. Delete or disappove such message in future. Just my 2 cents :-)

Vinay’s last blog post..Ether VOIP Hack for Free Calls

@ Vinay

This works only once, but I just published so that one can call all friends for once with good 5 minutes… You might have seen in my mybloglog visitors, Jajah has visited my blog and don’t know when they are going to fix this !!!!

TechPavan’s last blog post..Clean Your Desktop – Use Custom Toolbar

Hi Pavan,

I am proud of you, you are going excellent, I am sure you would be next LABNOL very soon : )

Cheers : )

Piyush ks last blog post..Free Calls: China, Myanmar (Burma): Rebtel

@ Piyush

You are praising me a lot. Anyway, I love to write articles as the one above which are results of my own creativity and tutorials rather than covering news items. Thanks for best complements.

Pavan Kumars last blog post..On a leave…

but its not this , i tell for one special servise free for reminder by calling and its evrything free.

Hi Pavan
I tried that Toktumi phone dialer link, after wasting almost 15-20 mins in the last stage its asking for visa, master card number for verification.
I don’t have such a/c.
Pls mention this also in ur description.
an Indian (Hyd)

@ micper

It seems some problem with new registrations of toktumi, i will check out soon…

pls tell me how 2 call free (phone to phone )


Currently I too don’t have much working tricks. I will surely post when I get to know any working services or hacks.

Pls send free calls trik to my no 9704649***

@ Narsimha

It is not safe to share phone numbers on public viewable places like this. I have edited your comment to safeguard you. I will surely update such hacks on my blog if I find any.

@ Pavan Kumar
Thanks for your reply,
These days I came across a new calling card availaible on – belive me, the calling rate from Saudi Arabia to India is as low as (Eqv. to ) Rs. 2.5 /min.
Its offering free calls to certain countries also, plz chk website.
Other sister websites are and
The clarity is also very nice.


check out similar post at :

Hi friends plz send me the free message center number for airtel or spice plzzzzzzzzzzz
i will b favour on u., no. is 9980422515

I’ve got a callback hack! Just ring 4 times this number: 00423697497094 and they will call you back. You type the number you want to reach and the connaction is done! The only thing is that no more than 4 minutes, they cut the connaction after 4 minutes, but it works for mobile also!

Hi, i really appreciate d good work that u are doing; just continue. Please i need the hack for making free call & sms for mtn network in Nigeria pls i need. I believe you can help me. My number is 08038170094

@Paul – when in made the call my balance went down by rs. 56

wats that please help out is giving away 100 free minutes to call India from any phone, the giftcode to use while signup is YR09

cool hack..I ll surely try

thanks sir …………….. but it is working

hi man ..can u tell me how to make free call to gulf through internet

there is this thing called google voice, after you have an account which you get it now at with no invitation required
you first pick your own free number (you might want to pick your local number if you want free calls to US and Canada)
then you set up call fowarding to your phone number (follow the directions provided in the website)
after you completed your account settings, you will have to call your own google voice number then press 2
after you press 2 you type in the phone number you are trying to reach then press #
then your calls are connected

stop showing your phone numbers

plz send me hacking tricks on my id…its

how can i confirm my toktumi number if i am in europe and not in US or canada? it is stated that only numbers from those countries are allowed.

how can i activate the toktumi? they only take USA numbers but i live in europe and not in USA.

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