Rapidshare Hack: How to Quickly Download Rapidshare Files Free

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 8, 2009


Everyone who download Rapidshare files for free is annoyed of the count down timer which sometimes last for even more than 60 seconds. This is really a problem while downloading Rapidshare hosted files into computer. Here is one simple and easy trick to download Rapidshare files into system bypassing the count down timer. You may also read unblocking torrent and download.

Rapidshare Hack to Download files quickly

  • First, open the file location in Rapidshare. The rapidshare normal interface opens asking if you are a free user or rapidshare premium user.
  • Select Free User and you will be asked to wait for some time with a countdown timer.
  • Now, copy javascript:alert(c=0) into your browser address bar and press enter.
  • A popup will appear, click ok / hit enter.
  • Now, the countdown timer download will be stopped and you can directly download files without any problem.

You may use rapidshare tools to manage files for easy rapidshare file management.

Note: This is not a hack, its just a simple javascript trick.


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10 Readers responded to this post

ur knowledg and stuff is very good.
bt i dont know where javascript:alert(c=0) of a webpage is…..
can u plz tel me where i cn get this???? or if special software is needed, give me its downlod link ??
i m using firefox mozzila.

@ Vijay,

As soon as you get the countdown timer, just copy this into your address bar and hit enter. No need of any software, it works fine with firefox

cool it work on google chrome

Hi dude none of the tricks you said are working. My internet connects using dynamic Ip. whenever i try to dowbnload it gives me error message.

After I use your trick and click the download button, the following error message appeared:The download cannot be provided, check for Java Script support in your browser

Hey i found a site that extends the life of my premium accounts, all you do is download the file which has the passwords in, and it activates the account so that it extends the life of it 🙂

@ All

URLs and links in comments are not tested. Open at your risk

dear pavan i donot underdtand java script plese explain with example


@ Sayed,

Watch this video:

I copy javascript:alert(c=0), but it doesn’t work. Why

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