How to Obtain a Free US Incoming Number – DID Phone through VoIP

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 18, 2009


If you are an internet user outside US and want to save some money for your friends who want to call from US, here is how you can obtain a free US incoming number [DID – Direct Inward Dialing]. Here we shall make use of different third party VoIP services in order to obtain a free incoming US phone number. Long back almost an year ago, we could use toktumi to get free number, but soon, they disabled registrations to new accounts and these days they have restricted new registration to US residents only. Currently there are NO services I could find which provides you an US number, and hence this long procedure to follow.

Lets move on to the procedure to obtain the required.

1. Goto CallCentric and signup for a free account. This is applicable for any geographic location and anyone can signup for free to get a SIP phone account. If you already have a SIP phone number, you can skip to step3.

sip phone details2. With this, you will obtain yourself a SIP phone [Session Initiation Protocol] account. Login to CallCentric to find out your SIP phone number. You need not have to configure your softphone software to proceed to the next step.


3. Next sign up with IPKall to get a US phone number in Washington State – Area code: 206, 253, 425. Fill the details as below. If you use your SIP number other than callcentric, enter details accordingly. Observe the account details comparing with the above image.

Free US incoming phone number signup

The details will be verified and you will receive a mail containing your US incoming number. If you are going to leave it idle for 30 days, your account will be reset with ipKall. If someone calls to your this number, your softphone will get connected.

If you are having friends in US, the best way to communicate them is by using iCall to Call US free. And the main reason to publish this post is to help VoIP enthusiasts to find an easy way to tryout different services which require a US local number as mandatory for signup.


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20 Readers responded to this post

Thanks Pavan for clear cut and explaining in an easy way the confusing VOIP thingy to us common laymen! My wishes, take care,

@Piyush Kumar

Hehe! You run a popular and great readership VoIP blog and address yourself a common layman 😛

Anyway, I concentrated VoIP gurus like you in this post… Glad that its useful… :)

Thanks for guidance. Can you further guide on where to download soft phone from & how to configure it?


Softphone can be downloaded from callcentric itself, once you sign up with them, you will be redirected to the page where all these details can be found.

can anyone get me a company i can just forward my mobile line to a virtual us number account…i dont want no downloads
Thanks all

Hi, can anyone give instructions on how to set up an ATA using this? please help. Thanks!

Thank you!!!!

Mr Pavan, txs for usual great services, how can i make my land line incoming calls to ring in my laptop using any softphone, is there any such softphone? is any adoptor or modem required?

@ Daswan,

If it is mobile phone, Float’s Mobile Agent can be of help to receive calls on laptop / desktop. And land line I guess requires an extra hardware. Those older days voice modems (56k modems for dial up internet/fax/voice) used to support such feature, may be googling can help you find more information.

Hello Pavan,

Your article is more then a help. Thank you.

Also, I am looking forward to configure my US toll-free no# on a softphone, where I can receive the incoming calls on my pc. My toll-free company needs sip id to configure the toll-free no#. Following is required by them:

Enter any of the following SIP addresses into the ring-to field:

Where can I get these ID’s from?

Would appreciate your help.


Ashish Sharma

@ Ashish,

Am glad that my article helped you to some extent, but the details in your inquiry are too much techie for my depth in VoIP. I hope Vinay from would help you. Its recommended that you contact him rather than posting a comment.

Hello. Would like to know why do IpKall rejects my logon info whereas I have followed your instructions one by one. It doesn’t accept my IpKall Phone Number and password, no matter how many times I have tried. Please help. Thank you very much.

Dear Pavan, Thanks for the details, but I want to know that after this how I can get free incoming calls on. Still I am confused, will you please help me.

It does not work ………….!!!!!
I have tried to obtain an US incoming phone number and followed exactly the steps as you mentioned above, sign up at obtained a SIP and than registered with to obtain a US phone number the number is +1-360-515-4447 and as you’d probably have the curiosity to call you’ll see that it does NOT work at all….. it calls but no ring whatsoever ……
I appreciate all the info that you provide us, but unfortunately it’s more like something to write a blog if you ask me…………
maybe the infos aren’t updated, I don’t know….the thing is that I was excited when I first read this article but in reality I spent in van a few hours trying to obtain that US phone number.
I hope you’ll have the time to answer me and maybe you’ll tell us a few instructions on what should we do after we obtain the Us phone number to actually be called on the softphone, maybe some setting which I missed …..
Anyway a good blog and keep it up

IT WORKS with a slight tweak. You just have to change the SIP Proxy on IPKall to instead of What is seen above.

My US Local number is working properly. Thank you. I followed your steps & got the success. Carry on innovative work. Best wishes.

you can use voxalot for sip. to dial out use google voice with 3cxphone and gvout.exe. set proxy to in softphone settings then actual proxy settings in gvout.exe which runs as a server dialing out all your calls in the background, the performance is seemless. you can also retrieve voice mail from it by setting up a second sip account in 3cx without the proxy, use actual proxy to dial into your voicemail. you will need to adjust voicemail settings on voxalot website to less than 25 seconds or else google will catch the voicemail

Thank u so much for the information. It helped me so much.

hello men ,,, i tryed ,, everything ,, as u said ,, n got no too ,, bt wen ever am calling that number its, giving a busy signalll ,,,,, is there aany more settings i have to go through ,,,,,,,,,,, please try to help me :)

Hi there ,you just got your self a great fan now.I really need a US number.thanks

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