Is Downloading Files from Rapidshare Illegal ?

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 8, 2009


Well, let me make it clear with my views about this controversial topic. If you are new to internet, you probably get such questions in your mind if downloading stuff from Rapidshare is illegal thing which you are not supposed to do. Here is how I explain clearly what exactly is Rapidshare and how it works.

Is downloading with rapidshare illegal or legal ?

Users from all over the world can host their files on Rapidshare. RS is such a file hosting network where you can upload any file for free of cost. Coming to legal and illegal stuffs with Rapidshare, it hosts both legal and illegal contents. You should be aware if you are downloading right thing. People even host freewares on RS in order to save the bandwidth of their servers. Such freewares when hosted on Rapidshare is definitely a legal thing.

If your friend uploads his photo to rapidshare and send the same to you to download, its definitely legal. But, if you get a link from a warez forum, or if you try to download a movie from rapidshare, it is for sure an illegal act.

It is up to you if you want to download legal or illegal stuff. Rapidshare itself is not at all an illegal website. It is just like tinypic or imageshack for all kinds of files. People use rapidshare for illegal purposes, but for sure you can use the same for legal and positive purposes.

Hope this clarifies your doubts regarding if Rapidshare downloading is illegal ?

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i am planning to develop my website posting 300mb movie links….links are from rapidshare…how to make this thing legal?…i have seen many website posting rapidhare links on their site….how they do that…..

@ Yousuf

FYI, there is no way to make them legal. To make a legal website, its a very big procedure by buying selling / reselling rights from owners and start the site. You may not use rapidshare links if you work legally this way.

Many people do use rapidshare links on websites for movies, softwares and almost anything – they all are illegal. Legal or illegal – decision is left to you…

i have website for searching rapidshare you think its legal to run a site like that.

@ Sanu,

Well, if you look at the terms and services of any web hosting company, you will find the lines which clearly say Storing copyrighted content, inappropriate content or LINKING to any such content is illegal. In that sense, if I search for any popular paid software, your site returns the link to pirated version of that software which IS ILLEGAL.

I found a rapidshare file of a video game, and interested in downloading but wondering if its legal or illegal…please let me know thank you

Of course it is illegal wasi. the act of you downloading the file is illegal! how can you get something you have to pay for free without it being illegal. jesus wept

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