404 Notifier: Get Notified When a 404 Occur on Your Blog

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 19, 2009


404 errors on your website plays an important role of high priority when you speak in terms of SEO. Here we have got a wonderful plugin which mails you all the time when a 404 error occurs on your blog. This helps you to identify the urls and referrals which are generating 404.

To get notified, you need to install plugin which is the same usual procedure of copying the plugin file, activating and just one setting to include your mail id into the notification and also enable mail notification. If you don’t want your inbox to be hit with emails, you can have the RSS feed of 404 errors on your blog.

404 error notification settings

How can this improve my SEO?

Well, let me tell you one thing, you will get referrer url and the url which results 404. Now, you can add a 301 redirect to the proper page and save your traffic as well as SEO.

Any Shortcomings with this WordPress plugin?

Yes, as the author Alex King himself says, it wont work with the default type of permalinks. i.e., the permalinks of the form ?p=123 etc. Well, this format is not at all used for any legit blogger.

What extra is needed to improve our SEO?

This plugins work well for on site SEO, but for off site SEO, we need an email notifier when some outgoing link result in a 404. Well, we have different programs, but they just won’t work well. I hope any developer will think of this.

You can download 404 notifier here.


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Hey Pavan,
This is definitely a useful plugin. And I hope it sends a consolidated single mail if more than one 404 errors occur per day. Will try it out :)

@Ajith Edassery

Yes, that’s the drawback. If on some bad day, if something little goes wrong, you will be bugged by number of mails as many as 404s occur. Even if it has been reported before, the same report will be sent again which gets annoying. That would be a better feature to have all 404s integrated in a single mail rather than each and everyone getting into mail box.

That can be solved by using the feed, which needs to be fed to feedburner and subscribing to its email updates. Easy solution till we have other cool plugin :)

Thank for the nice plugin, I will try it now!

Heard about it lots of time..but never used it…
Might give it a try…..

Great plug in thanks.

Last time when i look up for the Google search for my website, and when i opened result, which was at 2nd no. on the Google search result, it results in page not found 404 error due to permalink probblem, i was so annoyed because i lose my traffic. Thanks for the info. I will definitely going to install the plugin.


I think you need platinum seo or permalink redirect plugin to fix the issue, to get notified, this plugin works good, but it is annoying many time and I don’t use it now due to the same reason, it filled my mailbox with 100s of mails.

I am facing a problem of 404 not found because of I cannot change the .htaccess (I am a Hyperwebenable user), My permalink structure set to custom cause of WP Super cache plugin.
Is there any way to solve this issue?


I am not very clear about your problem, but to my understanding, you can try out these.
1. Deactivate WP Super Cache.
2. Change permalink structure to default.
3. Change permalink structure to your custom format.
4. Enable WP Super Cache.

Hope it helps, let me know if it doesn’t.

Thanks for reply!
But whenever I change my permalink to custom it says “If your .htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t so these are the mod_rewrite rules you should have in your .htaccess file”.
But I have no permission to CHMOD .htaccess, cause I am a Hyperwebenable user.
Is it cause any problem?
If it is then tell me what to do as hyperwebenable user.

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