Great List Of Dofollow Blog Search Engines

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 22, 2008



Page Rank is the most important factor with which we measure the value of a website. And the main factors which affects this page rank is the quality of content and total number of backlinks. Though Google seems to have its own internal pagerank, the page rank which shows up on Google toolbar is the most important factor to grade a website.

do follow blogThe common ways we prefer to build backlinks is by being active on forums. But, by this way, it is only building backlinks from a single domain which is again not of a greater advantage. What is the other way? Comment spam – not spamming with bots, it is a most general way, bloggers pick and is very useful to build backlinks and also networking. Commenting on all blogs will not yield you valuable backlinks as most of bloggers use nofollow tag. You need to search for those blogs with NO NOFOLLOW tag. Here I am presenting a great list of DOFOLLOW SEARCH ENGINES which you may need the most. Spread it and share with others.

  1. – This is a fantastic one as it has options to pick dofollow, comment luv, top commentators list or both type of blogs. And it has a nice interface too.

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57 Readers responded to this post

Nice list.. Thanks Pavan…

Pavan nice list….

Thanks i will try searching dofollow blogs and start commenting.


Its wise practice to make comments which add value to the content rather than just spammy to build backlinks :-)

@Pavan Kumar – I agree with you pavan comment should be add more value to the content comment should be constructive one.

You are right! My blog jkwebtalks is two month old and the page rank now is 2. I am sure your suggestion makes me even better! thanks…


All the best… Expect higher PR next time…

Comment hunt was really good when I used it last. There are a couple of other Google custom search engines like And tools like commentkahuna, fastblogfinder etc.


@Ajith Edassery

Yeah, most of them are custom search engines… The difference lies in the number of sites they index. is just another one 😉 i have used fastblogfinder and it is very slow in operation… also limited…

thanks for the list, Pavan. I’ll try it, but no spamming :)

thanks list, I hope can be useful for me

Yea, I appreciate your info, I’ve ran into some issues it seems like NO blogs are posting my comments, it’s as if it never tries to even posts. Was thinkng it was my computer but it seems everyone has moderation turned on, which is ok I guess.

Another DoFollow search engine is Find DoFollow Blogs. It has over 400 dofollow sites.

Hello, My Forum is a Do Follow and I’ve supported this movement since its inception!
Please add me:
Keep up the great work!

Its nice thanks i am searching for dofolow links.. please provide me some more information of how to search for dofollow links… thanks… also whether there was any tool for searching for dofollow links… perort me…

thanks for the list.

Great list Pavan. Can you include my search engine? I see another one at rishabhsood’s blog. Inline SEO is definitely my favorite :)

Thankx for the info

wow… Great list! thanks for sharing this. commenting on related dofollow blog is a great way of promoting a site and of course additional advantage of backlink, but you don’t just comment but post wisely and related to the topic.

I’m new to this dofollow movement and it seems a great idea. Your contributors get a link and the blog owner gets more interest in their site. From now on I fully support the dofollow movement.
Thanks for putting this post together :-)

Thanks for sharing this great lists. Commenting on related dofollow blog is a great way of promoting a site plus additional advantage of backlink. The comment should be relevant and with quality of course for better results.

This dofollow movement is a great thing , thank you

Thank you very much for providing such a good list.

Really Very nice about the do-follow search engines provided.

Nice, thanks for share.

thanks for sharing good do follow links

Nice list, I would try

nice posting for dofollow link…

This is not an easy job to find out the do follow blogs. The list of search engines you have provided is really very good and will help a lot in finding good dofollow blogs. Thanks a lot for this great resource. Keep it up.

oh great help to improve PR and backlinks…. Thanks man….

Great interest on the SEO process…The site promotion will be held through this important guide for the betterment of the traffic too…keep sharing.

Thanks for sharing this great lists.

Great Job ! Nice Presentation !! Amazing information !!! I like Your all post information. This “Great List Of Dofollow Blog Search Engines” Post is really Great and useful SEO employees.

Clear information. Nice latest updated posting, I like your postings. i am very impress with your post information.

Thanks for this list — this will really help my SEO efforts :-)

You have given a list of dofollow blog. It’s very nice list. It’s easy to visit.

Thanks for sharing for the dofollow blogs. It can help push my site in the SERPs when linking to these dofollow blogs.

Great list with carefully picked links, worth keeping in records, thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing for the dofollow blogs.

Its really helpful to get dofollow blog.Thanks for your links

Seems to be a nice discovery. You can get a dofollow link from RSS Directories too.
Froslo – Free Dofollow RSS Directory.

O Yeah,the most of them are custom search engines…The difference lies in the number of sites they index. do is just another one…i have used fast blog finder and it’s very slow in operation and limited too…..thanks a lot

The list of search engines is really good. It is very help to increase the page rank.

cool.., thank’s a lot for the list it’s so good for the beginner of blogging like me.. good job pavan,:P

nice list I am bookmarking now 😀 thanks for sharing I will do the same.

Too bad none of these are working anymore. Some are even showing a 404.

Fix it, is my suggestion 😉

Hi ,
Thanks for sharing these search engines.But the problem is most (90% comment is going for moderation and the web masters rarely approve the pending comments.

My blog is dofollow blog, pls comment on this.

Nice list, thank you for the information..

Thank you for your work, nice list.

Great its very useful to do and learn for the online marketing, very interesting is topic is improve traffic solution tips, and some other blogs is are very much closeness in the online seeakers and job holders also.


Local Search Engine

All right, that is a good start however i’ll have to look into that a touch more. Will let you know what more i have found.

good informative post.
really helpful

Nice List dude,Thank You Sharing This This Dofollow Blog List

Thanks for sharing this great lists.

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