Reason Why You Should Use Graphic Logo To Display Blog Name

Written by Pavan Kumar on December 26, 2008


I was just blog walking and found a funny, but serious thing to share with you all. And also it is a call for you if you run a blog or website especially with Global Translator Plugin. Here is what I found on the blog named "Blog Solute" in Hindi version. My friend there, makes use of Global Translator plugin with Hindi (not supported by Adsense). If you observe the image, you will notice that the blog’s name has been converted to Hindi (The word Blog is kept as is, but the Solute has got translated) making it a weird one. That would not be the same case if you use a decent image / logo.

funny translation with google translate

In the image you can also observe the Google Ads being Public Service Ads as this language is not supported by adsense. Its alarm for you if you are using Global Translator Plugin in that way.

You can refer to graphic logo design post to get free logo designs instantly so that you can skip such confusions that may arise with your blog.


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8 Readers responded to this post

LOL!! That’s a nice n funny way to warn people of the plugin side-effects 😉

@pavan So the problem is with the plug-in of Word press ,As you mentioned one should look at using logo for a blog title ,since I am using Blog title which integrated with header I have to found a logo for my blog in future.Thanks for sharing .


Guys, I think both of you misunderstood me. THAT IS NOT A PLUGIN DEFECT. The plugin is working in a way it is intended to work. It is WORKING PERFECTLY. It becomes our intelligence to make use of available resources effectively. Translate engines are meant for translation, they wont exclude your h1 tags or blog titles.


You can alternately use “SaiComputers” as this particular word has no meaning and cannot be translated..

If you find it difficult to have a logo on your blog, you can try using some other way like SaiComputers which do not have translation in any language. If you seperate the words

@pavan I misinterpreted it

good 1 pavan…i will try it out


What is left to try out? You already use an image as your blog title right?

Nope! I understood it properly. That is why I said “side-effects” and not defect :)
I could have put it in a better way may be !!


Now, I got it right..

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