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Written by Pavan Kumar on March 14, 2009


You might probably have observed these days I care and blog much about e-mail and e-mail security. The reason being, I recently commented on a Chinese educational blog (on .edu tld which is much more trusted than a .com) and that is all. They themselves are sending spams like anything. Around 5 mails a day is really a bad thing. You all know the ways to filter spam, but prevention is better than cure. I have previously experienced the spams from Chinese and HongKong origin, but never expected that from an educational web admin :( .

Today, I am discussing about a very very very useful plugin for those who frequently use mail ids in the blog posts. It is EMail Protect. This is intended to protect your email address by making an image replacement or a text replacement. Text replacement includes the traditional way of replacing @ by [at] and . by [dot], this is the effective way and has been followed since a long time. But the much better alternative is to use email icons.

email protect options

You just need to install the plugin as you do for any other wordpress plugins, you don’t need to do anything extra to your theme files, your posts and pages are automatically crawled and will be replaced with the images / text replacements.

It also has options on customizing text replacement like @ can be replaced by [at] or -at- or \at/ or whatever you like. And image replacement has different options that you can choose the color of text, background and broder. You can also make a choice between the available font types.

This is very much useful for those who make use of email ids in the posts in a regular manner.


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Very nice and useful plugin dude. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks man. I was also hit by the same storm of spam mails but learnt to live with it.

nice write ups!
keep it up the good work dude!

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