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Written by Pavan Kumar on March 4, 2009


It is most important for any online person to take care of his/her mail id. Its like an asset if you have an involved activity over internet. In these days of increased phishing threats,  we have to protect email id from spammers.

Due to increased spams, these days almost all forums and community sites require you to sign in to post any queries or even sometimes to view threads. In very few cases you may bypass registration, but it is not always possible. For registering to such services even you are not sure whether to use your own email id or not. In such cases this is the right and best solution for you.

Melt Mail is a temporary email forwarding service which is intended to save your mail id from spammers reach. The system works like this:

temporary email forwarding serviceYou will create a temporary mail id for a certain period of time (3h, 6h, 12h, 24h) by providing your own mail id to the system. Your email id is safe with them, it will not be handed over to others according to their privacy policy. Now they will create a random mail id for a period of time you specified. You will not get any inbox or mail interface for that, whatever mail you get on that id, will be forwarded to your mail id with which you created that temp id. After the specified period, this temporary id expires and no more mails get delivered.

Advantages with this system include:

  • You can save that mail which you receive as a result of your intention for future use. Even if your temp id gets sold, you will not receive any annoying spams.
  • With other temporary mails, you will be provided an inbox which you have to keep browsing till your work is over, you will not be allowed to clear cookies or close browser. Such problems can be overcome here. You can create a mail id and close the website and relax. You will get those mails directly into your mail box.
  • This won’t consume your bandwidth by repeated refreshing of pages like in case of similar other services. At maximum, you will visit 2 pages and that is all.

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8 Readers responded to this post

Thanks for this post. Do you have any idea how I can download various mail folders (Sent Items, Private folders etc) from my webmail system via POP? My hosting/mail service supports POP but by default only inbox is popped.

PS: Did you notice that this post has PR3 already? How did it happen in less than 24 hrs of posting?

@Ajith Edassery

I don’t use mail clients. I only use thunderbird (for a non primary mail id and mails are of no priority) but I never cared much about such folders. I hope to find a solution for you.

And PR3, I did not notice that. May be some glitch with your toolbar or something. I checked this page with different tools and all resulted in N/A.

Man… it was a Toolbar bug for sure. Because I switched between many pages and checked three times. It was showing PR3 then :) Now, as you said it is N/A

If you are not happy with providing your own email id, you can use Guerilla Mail ( This is an even better service as it also gives you a temporary inbox along with your temporary email. Within the given time frame, you can read and even reply to your emails. You also have the option to extend the time if you need it for longer. This also provides a mail forwarding service like Melt Mail.

You may also be interested in Its a free 15 minute disposable email service that allows you to send and receive emails with attachments upto 2MBs in size. No one else does that BTW. Its anonymous no registration required and if 15 minutes isn’t enough time to finish your business simply reset the timer. On a side note this service also lets you send emails anonymously. How great is that?

@ Mike,

Your service looks great and promising. I always used 10minutemail and loved it for simplicity and user friendliness. The mail advantage you have compared with them is that you have 15 minutes and Compose mails along with attachment. They don’t provide compose option, but you can just reply for the mails received. Also your domain name rocks. Good luck :)

@ Mike,

Forgot to tell you the main negative fact of your service, the countdown timer should change by itself, but it changes based on some user action. Please fix that and you win for sure…

this is vinays

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