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Written by Pavan Kumar on December 20, 2008



avoid spammer steal your mail idIt is one of the most common and popular measure we all take in order to protect our mail ids from spammers. We do not simply write our mail ids as it is on any web pages. We usually write mymail [at] mydomain [dot] com or any similar way so as to protect our mail ids from spammer bots.

The above format does not "look" nice for human visitors. It looks like a normal text or even few newbies may not understand it a mail id. In order to overcome this negative impact and to make it "look" more impressive, we can make use of e-mail icons. Just have a look at the images of email icons below and tell me how appealing it would be rather than above format?

 use email icons to protect your mail id from spammers

You don’t need to be an expert in image editing, its very simple. There are many online apps for this which does all the work for you instantly. The most popular one among these is from Nexodyne which supports AOL, ATT, BellSouth, Bigfoot, Blueyonder, Comcast, Cox, Earthlink, GMail, Hotmail, Live, Lycos, MSN, Mac, Netscape, QQ, RocketMail, Rogers, SBCGlobal, Sina, Spymac, Sympatico, Vip.Sina, Verizon and Yahoo mails. Apart from these, you can also generate icons of your corporate / domain mail id which will look like a simple text.


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4 Readers responded to this post

this looks nice… and the custom design would probably make it hard for bots to parse it…


That is right… but not to the worse extent. Few months back, I remember of reading some news that a bot cracked Microsoft Captcha in 6 minutes… Its better to safeguard… Prevention is better than cure…

but imagine a bot trying to parse each image on a site and taking 6 minutes. it would take for ever to create a list of emails to spam. i guess 6 mins is an acceptable amount of time…


Spammers are not so stupid to allow bots to read images, I simply quoted as it came to my mind. You have the right point :) Thumbs up!

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