Google Bug: This Site May Harm Your Computer – No Sitelinks

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 31, 2009


Update: Google is fast. Fixed it in 10 minutes :-)

This is the hot hot news of last 5 minutes. I was googling for some ringtones and suddently found Google saying "This site may harm your computer". This was the same with all natural search results on Google.

Not just one site, it was the case with each and every keyword / url I searched. Instant updates these days can be found on twitter and I found the same thing with twitter search. The twitter search is getting great heat with about 100+ related twitter updates per minute.

Google also says for – "This site may harm your computer". Such results are usually found for sites which may affect your computer with malwares.

Horrible Google, this is the first time I am noticing such bug with you.

Not just this bug, there is one more bug, all sitelinks are gone. Whatever the authority site you search, no sitelinks could be found. All sitelinks have been vanished for the time being.

Clicking on any result in natural listing resulted in the following page for malware warnings.

Malware warning - This site may harm your computer

Clicking on Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page for any site resulted in 502 Server Error.

This effect is only on natural listings but not on sponsored listings of Search results. 😉

Here is what the case with different authority sites.

No sitelinks and harm site warning

All webmasters now take rest. No traffic from Google till this bug is fixed. :-(


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7 Readers responded to this post

yes, i also notice this, and in fact I capture the screens in my blog here :

it starts happen around 31-Jan-09, 11:00pm Malaysia time, however, after 20 minutes, this error is fixed

seems this affect the google data centres accrosss the whole world, including here, Malaysia.

James – A Malaysian guy

It has been fixed now. Rest period over :)

Digg actually planned this for there 1st april prank but somehow there clock ditched them and result is there in d image 😛


Oops Type its Google.. ( P.s I’m suffering from Digg mania 😉 )

I saw this type of page on google couple of days back.They should give continue or exit kind of options right?

I didn’t notice it because, i was not using google at that moment


Google is right in not providing options to continue, because in most (all) cases, the sites are harmful and it is wise to look at other results than going with only that harmful one.


You missed a golden chance :-(

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