How to Get Rid of Junk Mails Online and Stop Spam EMails fromSpammers

Spam is what every internet user is aware of! Spammers do have a particular way of approach and if you take little precautions, you can easily avoid spams being hit to your inbox. Here are the golden rules to protect your ids from spammers and get rid of junk mails knocking your mail box. Its always better to take care not to be infected rather than trying to recover once you are affected.

Use Conflicker/Conficker Eye Chart to Detect Conficker Virus on your System

Here is the best and easiest way to identify the existence of conflicker / conficker / downloadup / kido worm on your computer. Just loading a web page will identify the existence of any variants of the wide spread worm.

Remove Virus Renaming your Media-MP3, MPEG, AVI to JPG: MediaControl.exe

Mediacontrol.exe is the virus hitting different computers all over renaming the file extensions for mpg, mp3, avi etc. media files to .jpg. File format is not changed. Here is the solution to remove the virus and undo the changes it has made to your system.

Upgrade XP/Vista to Windows 7 to Secure from April 1 Worm/Conflicker Virus

Conflicker Worm is more expected to hit Windows XP and Vista to a greater extent. Download the security updates to Windows 7 to ensure safety against April 1 Worm. Here are few important guidelines to follow.

How to Detect Spammers with Catch All Address

Here is how to use Catch All Address to identify the webmaster who sells your mail id to the third party. It is better to use this way as you can easily identify the spammer and spam filter all mails from his id and take further actions.

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