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Written by Pavan Kumar on October 16, 2008



It has been a long time we have not discussed any voip based free calls’ services here. The reason is obvious, I did not come across any which satisfies me. And today I am up with a very satisfactory service which is supposed to serve the best among all voip services I know till now.

voip-tabrio-logoThe service in discussion is Tabrio, never discussed in past. The free calls I meant is just free for the trial period. To be clear, they are going to credit new sign ups with $5 as free bonus. This $5 of credit can  be used to make free calls for a very satisfactory time. The prices are very low as they charge $0.04 per minute for US to US calls – enabling users to speak 125 minutes for free. For India-India calls, we get 22.7 free minutes as the charges are $0.22 per minute. It not just supports countrywide calls, but also you can make international calls. Everything for free till your $5 free credit is over. If you are satisfied with their service, you may buy credits through different means they support.

To register an account and get credits, you need to activate your phone by answering their call and keying in the code they provide. Sign up process will be quick and instant.

Free international calling with tabrio - interface

Even the call quality was clear when I tried. And most of the countries are supported. They also provide a softphone which you may use to make free calls from PC to phone. They also provide international text messaging support, but it again deducts your credit. To make sms, you may use any of the sms services available world. You can make use of the one available in our tools section too!

The supported countries are given below for your information:

US-United States, CA-Canada, GB-United Kingdom, CN-China, AF-Afghanistan, AX-Aland Islands, AL-Albania, DZ-Algeria, AS-American Samoa, AD-Andorra, AO-Angola, AI-Anguilla, AQ-Antarctica, AG-Antigua and Barbuda, AR-Argentina, AM-Armenia, AW-Aruba, AU-Australia, AT-Austria, AZ-Azerbaijan, BS-Bahamas, BH-Bahrain, BD-Bangladesh, BB-Barbados, BY-Belarus, BE-Belgium, BZ-Belize, BJ-Benin, BM-Bermuda, BT-Bhutan, BO-Bolivia, BA-Bosnia and Herzegovina, BW-Botswana, BR-Brazil, IO-British Indian Ocean Territory, BN-Brunei Darussalam, BG-Bulgaria, BF-Burkina Faso, BI-Burundi, KH-Cambodia, CM-Cameroon, CA-Canada, CV-Cape Verde, KY-Cayman Islands, CF-Central African Republic, TD-Chad, CL-Chile, CN-China, CX-Christmas Island, CC-Cocos (Keeling) Islands, CO-Colombia, KM-Comoros, CG-Congo, CD-Congo, The Democratic Republic of the, CK-Cook Islands, CR-Costa Rica, CI-Cote d’Ivoire, HR-Croatia, CY-Cyprus, CZ-Czech Republic, DK-Denmark, DJ-Djibouti, DM-Dominica, DO-Dominican Republic, EC-Ecuador, SV-El Salvador, GQ-Equatorial Guinea, ER-Eritrea, EE-Estonia, ET-Ethiopia, FK-Falkland Islands (Malvinas), FO-Faroe Islands, FJ-Fiji, FI-Finland, FR-France,  GF-French Guiana, PF-French Polynesia, GA-Gabon, GM-Gambia, GE-Georgia, DE-Germany, GI-Gibraltar, GR-Greece, GL-Greenland, GD-Grenada, GP-Guadeloupe, GU-Guam, GT-Guatemala, GG-Guernsey, GN-Guinea, GW-Guinea-Bissau, GY-Guyana, HT-Haiti, HN-Honduras, HK-Hong Kong, HU-Hungary, IS-Iceland, IN-India, ID-Indonesia, IE-Ireland, IM-Isle of Man, IL-Israel, IT-Italy, JM-Jamaica, JP-Japan, JE-Jersey, JO-Jordan, KZ-Kazakhstan, KE-Kenya, KI-Kiribati, KR-Korea, Republic of, KW-Kuwait, KG-Kyrgyzstan, LA-Lao People’s Democratic Republic, LV-Latvia, LB-Lebanon, LS-Lesotho, LR-Liberia, LI-Liechtenstein, LT-Lithuania, LU-Luxembourg, MO-Macao, MK-Macedonia, MG-Madagascar, MW-Malawi, MY-Malaysia, MV-Maldives, ML-Mali, MT-Malta, MH-Marshall Islands, MQ-Martinique, MR-Mauritania, MU-Mauritius, YT-Mayotte, MX-Mexico, FM-Micronesia, Federated States of, MD-Moldova, Republic of, MC-Monaco, MN-Mongolia, ME-Montenegro, MS-Montserrat, MZ-Mozambique, MM-Myanmar, NA-Namibia, NR-Nauru, NP-Nepal, NL-Netherlands,  AN-Netherlands Antilles, NC-New Caledonia, NZ-New Zealand, NI-Nicaragua, NE-Niger, NU-Niue,  NF-Norfolk Island, MP-Northern Mariana Islands, NO-Norway, OM-Oman, PK-Pakistan, PW-Palau,  PS-Palestinian Territory, PA-Panama, PG-Papua New Guinea, PY-Paraguay, PE-Peru, PH-Philippines, PN-Pitcairn, PL-Poland, PT-Portugal, PR-Puerto Rico, QA-Qatar, RE-Reunion, RO-Romania, RU-Russian Federation, RW-Rwanda, SH-Saint Helena, KN-Saint Kitts and Nevis, LC-Saint Lucia, PM-Saint Pierre and Miquelon, VC-Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, WS-Samoa, SM-San Marino, ST-Sao Tome and Principe, SA-Saudi Arabia, SN-Senegal, RS-Serbia, SC-Seychelles, SL-Sierra Leone, SG-Singapore, SK-Slovakia, SI-Slovenia, SB-Solomon Islands, SO-Somalia, ZA-South Africa, ES-Spain, LK-Sri Lanka,  SR-Suriname, SZ-Swaziland, SE-Sweden, CH-Switzerland, TW-Taiwan, TJ-Tajikistan, TZ-Tanzania, United Republic of, TH-Thailand, TL-Timor-Leste, TG-Togo, TK-Tokelau, TO-Tonga, TT-Trinidad and Tobago, TN-Tunisia, TR-Turkey, TM-Turkmenistan, TC-Turks and Caicos Islands, TV-Tuvalu, UA-Ukraine, UAE-United Arab Emirates, GB-United Kingdom, US-United States, UY-Uruguay, UZ-Uzbekistan,  VU-Vanuatu, VE-Venezuela, VN-Vietnam, VG-Virgin Islands, British, VI-Virgin Islands, U.S., WF-Wallis and Futuna, EH-Western Sahara, YE-Yemen, ZM-Zambia, ZW-Zimbabwe


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Any other service which offers free( I mean 100%) PC to Phone calls?


I too will be looking for such great services, if I find them, I will surely post. My blog is not a voip blog, I deal with voip services which offer the real free stuff. And the one presented here is really good to try out…

To some countries its free and for rest lowest rates.


That is really good, I checked it, but could not test the quality of call. As you are recommending so much and also looking at site stats, I guess that too is very good. Thanks for information, I will inform all my readers…

can u tel me the websites from wich v can make free calls to saudi arabia that to from pc to phone

Hi ,
Could you let me know the websites which we can make free calls to Dubai from PC to mobile phone.

Hi,pavan can you send website links through which i can send FREE messages to VODAFONE,TATA, RELAINCE,IDEA networks through my nokia mobile web browser to my mail

@ Sri,

Try – this does the job well and requires no signup, cool one :)

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