How To Twitter On Mobile At Local SMS Rates

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 20, 2008



Twitter is one of the most used and highly popular social networking site. I remember a cartoon, where a man tweets that he will die in the next minute 😀 . Many people, especially bloggers are very much addicted to twitter that the first job in the morning and the last one before going to bed is tweeting.

twitter on smsTwitter has provided a wonderful service and also, it supports mobile devices. To tweet using sms, we need to send text message to a premium number. Sending sms to premium numbers will obviously cost you more than what it costs for local  / national sms [varies with different carriers]. Few of you can twitter for FREE based on your carrier sms plans. What if we can tweet at prices of local sms? It is possible. It is existent since quite a long time, but I forgot to blog about it.

Such a wonderful service is brought to you by Vakow! Vakow is the most popular sms sharing service in India. You all know about Vakow as there have been a lot of discussion carried in this blog. The procedure is very simple with a very few steps:

  1. Sign up for Vakow Account – No need I guess, you already have it!
  2. Goto Twitter Settings page and provide your twitter login details. Of course, they are safe.
  3. You are now done! You can use twitter from your mobile phone easily.
  4. To update something on twitter, send twit your message to Vakow’s 10 digit number +91 9901554321.

With this method, you will not be able to receive twitter updates on mobile, for that use normal twitter moble device updates and while you need to update, use vakow-twitter combination.

Note: This method is applicable only for India currently.

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