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Written by Pavan Kumar on October 13, 2008



This is a post with few updates about two popular mobile services.

MyToday alternate service numbers:

Since few days MyToday 10 digit access number 09845298452 has not been working. And older 09845398453 has been suspended since a long time. As I knew few techies at MyToday as we had a long conversation in previous MyToday review, I contacted them for support and finally it was Thejo who solved my problem. The number 09845298452 is currently down due to some technical issues, but MyToday Daily Digest sms are delivered as usual.

Here are the alternate numbers you may access for any purpose:

  1. 09900145368 – tested and working as normal 10 digit number. And most importantly it is very fast in serving.
  2. 09972040000 – tested only once some time back, and not recently tested after the downtime of 09845298452. The reason being – though it is a local number for me, the amount deducted from my mobile was INR3 instead of normal local sms cost of 0.01.
  3. 5757585 – Premium number – use only if you have excess of money to spend. Prices vary with different carriers.

 Note: There has been no official notifications regarding their downtime and alternate numbers on MyToday website or blog.

Vote for Vakow:

Vakow is a wonderful forward sms sharing service which has already been reviewed here. Recent update from Vakow blog states that it has been nominated for TATA NEN hottest startups. If you are not using that service, please sign up and start using, you will enjoy. If you love the service, please vote for them reach their goal of becoming one among the hottest startups. Voting is very simple, you can vote them in any of the two ways.

  1. sms HOT 254 to 56767.
  2. Use this link to vote online.

Update: All related links removed as they are not live anymore.


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28 Readers responded to this post

Mr.Pavan,we are unable to send messages to the community(MOBS) in mytoday by the new number.Moreover,i’ve noticed a new change in mytoday,now i’m unable to see the signature(SIGN) of my publishers.My concern is how will i ban my publisher if they misbehave?Is it a bug?I’m not sure.Please help me out.thanx in advance.


I have never experienced that before… Anyway, I have contacted a MyToday person about your problem and he will soon get to you back here. Keep updated with the comments that follow. Welcome to my blog!


Hi Krunal,

I am developer at Mytoday. Thanks for your feedback.

With respect to your problem about the new number, its my request to try again, as its working fine at my end.
Again for the problem related to the signature, we are looking to it and will resolve it, if there is a bug.



Thank you Amit for your patience to help users…

@amit nd pavan
i’ve tried it so many times.pls believe me i aint able to send msgs(publishing msgs ex:PUB RG06IS HEY THERE) through d new number.By d way im owner of my community and d web interface is working fine.suggest me any solution if any.
did u notice any change in number of msgs published per day?
thanx for d quick reply.


I have experienced such problems since long time, but it works fine during night time… You try out, but during day, it is not working…


Hey Krunal,

Please mail me your details along with your phone number to

For future references,you can directly mail me all your queries/issues.


is there any way to convert private MOBS to public?or how to create public MOBS in more request why dont you create a channel in mytoday and google sms channel?i really like ur website nd ur service.keep d good works cming
thanx for ur support.i really appreciate that.thanx again.


I have discussed about private and public issues of MyToady here:

About using Google sms channels, I did not think about that as I may not get so many subscribers anyway. Also that people cannot read the whole story on sms. Let me think of that after I gain good subscribers for my rss feed / email updates. Thanks for concern :-)

@Pavan Kumar
Another big disadvantage of using Mytoday mobs is that they send messages with the sender id ‘Mytoday’.
I understand this is where they make the revenue, but if other services like google sms channels and gupshup can provide messages without ad, then I am wondering why India’s first and dominating groups sms service, Mytoday can’t do that :(


If you leave a full length message [135 char], it will not have any ads. Only shorter messages will have ads…

Hey a part of mytoday mobile community(MOB).my service provide is tata problem is instead getting sms from mytoday im getting sms through 9869936237 it a mytoday number or gateway?


The mobile number you have provided is a Mumbai based MTNL number. No more details about the number is known and even google search for that number did not reveal much details about that.

You may contact Mr. Amit [] for any queries about MyToday service.

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i m very new to this.. please help me how to create my own community, and how to advertise, and how to publish messages… please any body help me.. i m from karnataka… i have given my mail id too

HI pavan
the 10 digit mytoday number 9900145368 is not working, if is there any new number plz send to my mail id….

Hi pavan the no 9945499454 is not working.plz mail me the new no to
plz help me i am not able to publish msg via sms.
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Mytoday number 9945499454 is not working please mail me new number…..
All are telling that Mytoday will Block soon Is it true…………
Please help us we are unable to publish messages in our group……….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………

Hi Pavan,
Hi Pavan Mytoday 10 digit number 9945499454 is blocked. if any new number is there please mail it to me…..

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