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Written by Pavan Kumar on September 27, 2008



In this post, we shall discuss how  to recover a blog when everything is lost and no backups available.  Few days back it so happened that one of the top blogs with a good number of posts and traffic lost everything. Everything means totally everything – they had nothing in hand and had to recover everything manually. Here are the ways you may use to recover your posts if your blog is lost.


1. Search Engine Cache:

 website search engine


You know, search engines cache the content when they crawl and all your site textual content will be available in the search engine cache. If you lose all your website content, it becomes your first job to peep into search engine cache before they try to crawl your site again.

It becomes a cumbersome job to recover each and every page manually by opening each cached page and save it.

Use a tool:

Here is an awesome tool to do all this hectic job for you. It is called as Warrick – named after a fictional forensic scientist. It is available both as an online tool and also downloadable free software.

It is meant to recover or reconstruct a whole lost website when the backupis not available. It does all work for you by searching for your content in Internet Archive, Google, Live Search and Yahoo.

warrick - to recover lost websitesAgain it has limitations that only crawled and cached content can be recovered. If you are running a forum which is password protected, you cannot recover it using this tool. It also cannot recover pages which are restricted for search engines by robots.txt.

A suggestion to top MMO bloggers – you have great sites and great content, don’t password protect your e-book / tools pages and make them inaccessible for search engines – make them public so that you can recover during crisis 😉 .

2. Feed Readers:

rss news feedThis is again applicable only for those weblogs which provide full rss feed. If you offer rss feed which is just a part of your post, it again becomes a sour grape to recover your blog in this way. If you offer full rss feeds, there are chance that you can get all those posts available on your rss feed readers. It is again better to subscribe oneself to their own email rss feed so that there is no chance of losing any data. You can only recover posts with this method and not comments or anything else. At the most you can find out what was the previous url of your site. For this you should turn off feedburner redirects.


Please share if you know any other way through comments or trackbacks.


UPDATE: Read the practical workout from


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12 Readers responded to this post

Good post man..

I don’t take frequent back ups and also I did lose my articles in the initial stage but now my friend makes a back up for me 😀

Use wp-db-backup plugin – it does all the work for you…. It mails the database backup on a periodic basis, and you can configure the period of regular backups, for me daily backup is enough, you choose which is best for you…

wowo…cool tool…i will have to give it a try…thanks for sharing this useful tool…


That’s really cool one… Its coolness lies in the fact that it is the only tool of its kind. If there are any other, please share. Good to see you on my blog….

The feed technique is really helpful


Good post….

The first trick of retrieving pages from cache was done by me last year. Last year i had thinkersonmove blog on blogspot domain and it was deleted. I recovered almost all the posts.

But i didn’t know about the tool you mentioned will check it.

Thanks again

@Madhur Kapoor

Its only helpful if you deliver full text feed and not just the summary…


That is the only tool I know of that kind. If you get to know any other, please share… It is very painful job to retrieve all from cache if you have some more than 100 posts or so…

hi, found your blog through technically personal and your blog is simply really cool! the tips you have provided are simple yet very effective and useful. love your blog! ^_^

@techniqueal t.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you very much… Even your blog is nice. I expect your regular participation here :)

I need some help! I lost all my widget settings when I tried to change templates. I have the most recent cached page from google but I do not know how to use it to restore my blog. I tried viewing the source and copying and pasting it but I get errors from blogger.
This is my original site:
This is the archived version that I WANT back:

Please help me ASAP! I will be online so please post a comment or email me or something!

PS: Is the tool for Windows only or is it cross-platform and available for Mac OSX Leopard as well?


This tool is only for Windows/Linux/Unix… But you can use online version of it.

Well, regarding the template – It seems you have recovered as I compared with the cached version. Anyway, I recommend you to contact Rohit []. He is a user of both wordpress and blogger and he has a very good experience…

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