Fight Google Panda and Maintain Panda Proof Websites with Duplicate Content Alerts

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 20, 2011


Google’s Panda algorithm update has already taken up big bite of almost all the major content based websites, blogs and community forums. Though a few webmasters have found a way towards recovery, most of the e-population is still facing some issues with  web traffic. All of us were concerned about the plagiarism for a long time, but never though of fighting it. And Google took a decision to make us fight to save our base – resulting in Panda search algorithm. Here is one simple tip to help fight against plagiarism and make the website Panda proof.

Fight against Google Panda algorithm update

This trick might not be of help for large community forums, but it surely helps bloggers. Try this trick and spend a minute after every post you publish and it will definitely help you to prevent content duplication. Every time a post is posted, just copy first 10-15 words of your post and setup alerts with Google alerts. Its better to keep the search query in between quotes as it will match the exact string. Alternately allintext query can be used for the same purpose. You are welcome to try out other variations of search queries by adding the second paragraph (after more tag) or a mix of words from between the paragraphs.

Once you are done with this, Google will alert you on every new entry of a duplicate content for that query. Analyze if the content has been entirely scraped from your site and you can take actions either by getting the content removed directly from the site owner or by contacting the webhost who is hosting the site or at the end, filing DMCA with Google. If you have a catch all email address, you can make use of a dedicated email id for this purpose. Its also advisable to keep an eye on image plagiarism which can help to avoid hotlinks and save bandwidth.

Note: Blogspot and are very active to help you curb plagiarism. Use these links: Blogspot,

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