An Unexpected PageRank Update Leads to PR4

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 25, 2009


Well, this is quite an exciting news for me and my readers. Yesterday, an unexpected pagerank update was made for most of the websites and this resulted this site to rank up at PageRank 4.

This is really a happy news and I thank all readers and friends for your support and encouragement which has made me reach this milestone.

It was the first pagerank update on this site when I had got Pagerank 4. Later on all other PR updates resulted this website in PR3. Anyways, its maintaining a PR is really a tough job and I should strive hard to maintain this at a constant level or reach higher levels.

Also for information, the latest MS Bing search engine has got PR9.

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18 Readers responded to this post

Congrats for achieving PR4.

Congrats buddy. :)

My Dear Friend Pavan,

Congrats on PR4, you deserved it, say it with flowers, I am VERY happy (as a reader of TechPavan and a frnd) on the success of yours, more will stream you in the coming future,

Take care, wishes,

Congrats :)

superb news buddy :)
no change in :(

Thank you all guys :)

Its you friends who are my real encouragement :)

Hei Pavan! Congrats dude. Keep rocking

I have got PR3 from PR2 Mate…

congrats dude……… You just rock.. Keep up the good work and aim for higher rank. All the Best…

Congrats! Keep posting 😉

Congrates on getting PR4.U deserved it.i got PR2.I hope i will make it to PR3 in next update

@ InkAPoint, Balaji, Pramodh, Shoban, Ricky

Thank you guys :)

@Balaji, Ricky

Congrats for you too. Keep up your best outcomes :)

Congrats buddy. It’s time for you to Party, and for me too. I’ve also got my Page Rank 3. Thanks for the Info about update.

@ Prateek

Yay, celebration time, lets celebrate together :) congrats 😀

Hey, congrats.

Even I got a PR update to PR3. 😀

@ Pathik

That’s a great news, enjoy :)

Congrats Pavan,
Hope u’ll rock in future.
It’s strange to me, my home page’s rank is 2 while i’ve 2-3 articles page having PR3 and more than 10 articles having PR1,2. Isn’t this strange?

@ Mohit,

This is not a strange thing. It is common on any website. You can test any website regarding PR – you will find the same behavior.

Anyways, congrats for that :)

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