Is MS Bing Search A Real Google Killer? First Look on Microsoft Bing Search

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 29, 2009


Just three days back it started great buzz about Microsoft Bing, and today we have a video of Microsoft Bing search engine demo. Microsoft wanted to make it a Google killer. Will they succeed? I think they will – up to some extent. Bing project does not look like another Google Knol which failed to compete with Wikipedia.

What I feel about Bing after looking at the demo video is that internet users who are on internet for purposes like shopping, travel, entertainment etc. might switch to Bing because of its very good user interface.

Advantages of Microsoft Bing over Google:

Absolutely it has few advantages compared to traditional Google. Microsoft describes Bing as Decision Engine and not Search Engine. Here is what it can be observed in the demo.

  1. The domain name : BING is smaller and easier than GOOGLE.
  2. It loads suggestions very fast – user friendliness at peak.
  3. If you search for something which you want to buy, its interface is great providing the price+details+image on the search results page which helps the user to choose which link to click based on their budgets, reviews etc.
  4. Shopping products can be sorted in groups based on user preference. You can sort products based on price, features, reviews, ease of use etc. Even you will be able to find if it has free shipping option or cash back option.
  5. If you search travel results, you can get more specific travel results by entering the date of travel, from and to locations, class of travel, stops etc. Also you can search different results.
  6. Local search too has good options and details for users. I think local search is limited to major cities and may be initially for US only.
  7. Video search seems to play the part/full of video within the search page.

Disadvantages with Microsoft Bing

After speaking about advantages, we can observe few disadvantages too. If you look at the interface, it is made up with background which comprise of a neat image which makes loading slow. Also, these hifi results page and all makes the search results load very slow compared with Google’s 20kb result pages.

In short my first look video review says, Google is still the best when you search for information, solutions, technical issues etc. Bing looks cool when you go for travel, shopping, videos etc.

Here is the video from which I wrote this first look review on MS Bing


Note: MS Bing is not still out for usage at the time of writing, my post is entirely based on what is seen on the video.


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2 Readers responded to this post is so lame because it loads so slow it is useless, until Microsoft realizes faster, smaller is better, BING will fail to attract users. Score BING=1 Google=10

Bing takes forever to load, it sucks
Not sure why its so slow loading anything.
have very fast cable

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