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Written by Pavan Kumar on June 20, 2010


If you are a webmaster who has hopped web hosting among different providers, I am sure you have observed the slight dip in traffic for one / two days when the website move is done. This is because it can take upto 36-72 hours for all domain name system servers (DNS) to propagate. The problem is more if you delete the files in your old host or there is some database connection issues with older host after you moved.

I recently found a way which can help you to some extent to bring your visitors to new location and show them all new content on your website. This also ensures that you don’t work anymore on your older host and lose data after some time. The solution is OpenDNS CacheCheck.

OpenDNS to resolve domain propagation delays - cachecheck

CacheCheck is an OpenDNS support tool which helps you check the IP address for a particular website on their different servers. You can verify here if your websites are properly resolved by OpenDNS. If you find any problem, they can refresh the same within a maximum of 20 seconds. If you are moving a website, here is what you need to do:

  • Transfer all your website content (files, database etc) and make sure everything is fine on the new hosting environment.
  • Change the nameservers on your domain registrar.
  • Goto CacheCheck page, enter the domain name you just moved, scroll down and click "Refresh the cache".

This refreshes the data on their servers resulting in your domain resolution to the new address. Though this change is reflected only for OpenDNS users, you should not forget that millions of internet savvy people are using OpenDNS and their number is a considerable count.

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nice info…..
thanxx for sharing nice site….

thank Pavan! however, what I should do if in move the site to new domain name? some of my friend suggested that i should use redirection. is it enough to get back all my traffic in the previous site?
thanks for nice post!

Really nice info…
Thanks for sharing b/w us….


awesome utility site:)
genreally losts of loyal readers are lost when migrating to new host!
thanks pavan!

awesome way to retain visitors….
i was infact planning to change my host

thanks this will help me

good tutorial..

Really such a useful tip. Actually soon i am also going to change my Webhost. Till then i will keep this tip in my mind. Thanks

gud post thanx 4 info…n nice blog

Thanks for sharing this idea. i will decrease the downtime to the bearest minimum.

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