How to Hide Text / HTML from bots and Show to Human Visitors

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 15, 2009


Hiding text / html /hidden text / hidden links are the most popular black hat SEO techniques, but remember, I am NOT dealing with Black hat. What it is going to be discussed here is purely white hat and perfectly comes under google webmaster guidelines.

Text hiding or link hiding in webmaster guidelines is hiding text from visitors and showing it only to bots to gain some keyword authority. This is entirely opposite that we are going to hide some text / private information from bots and show them to visitors.

To be more clear, we are not going to hide any text or html, we are simply going to make use of image instead of normal text. The reason behind this modification is quite clear. Spammers release some bots which always hunt for freely left mail ids and sometimes other things too. In my observation, wordpress comment spam bots hunt for a particular niche and keep spamming only on that post. When I wrote about hyperwebenable forum, the usual comment spam I observed was saying "Great forum! Wonderful work, and you the creator – Real Hero, I appreciate" or anything similar to that. As I used the word forum in my post, they simply spammed things related with forum. Even spammers want niche links 😉 

hiding text from bots

And if you have a mail id, I am pretty much sure you have e-mail spam experience. When you leave your mail ids on some open forums or blog comments, spammer bots will pick up your mail id and will include that in their next spam recipient list. Its wise you use email icon and save your mail id from bad bots while sharing with human visitors.

Hidetext - Tool to hide text from botsHere is how you can say something to your readers but just don’t want the bots to identify that, you have to use images which say the same thing as your text said. Though it is easy with any software, it takes some time. Hidetext is the online free application which can do all this job instantly for you and you can save the text in the style you want it to. You can also set the font size to make it match with your blog design. Currently the fonts available are Arial and Verdana, hope we will get more into the list.

One suggestion for the authors of the tool – Include a color palette so that users can create an exact match for their site design.


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3 Readers responded to this post

This is a Really Good Tip.

I mean Isn’t is Good for Adsense too.. I mean, One can easily Filter out Low paying Keywords in the Post by Converting them into Images… So that the Top Paying Keywords in the Post gets More Preference.

Similar with SEO also, we can filter out keywords which aren’t liked by search bots like Cool, Free etc..

Debajyoti Das

@Realtrix – Tips & Tricks

Nice idea proposed Das, its really a cool tip from you. Here are few things we should also consider…

1. Including more number of images in a single post just to avoid low paying keywords will increase the loading time of pages. That is again bad in terms of seo.

2. It also takes more time to compose the post.

3. Sometimes, the blog design also needs to be changed just to make it match with the image type text.

But one thing for sure, this can be used when we copy someone else’s text (not entire, a part/summary) in blockquotes. This will avoid duplicate content issues.

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