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Written by Pavan Kumar on December 30, 2008


note takingLet me brief what I am discussing now. They are online note taking services. Note taking is an important part of everyone’s day to day life and we all are aware of it and do it very regularly. We usually use paper and pen or mobile phone or other hand held gadget for the same purpose. But take into consideration that you want to share the note online with some friend. You will have to type everything on notepad and send them in mail. For this, both of you need to go through more number of steps to get the job done. Here I am listing the best free, no signup whiteboards which may be used for the same purpose where you can get the job done fast and you will find it useful especially if you are bugged somewhere and expect help from friends. Also they can be a content / code sharing tool for twitter.

  1. shortTexT – Post Information. Share It.
  2. – Write a little more [].
  3. skrbl: easy to share online whiteboard.
  4. The internet clipboard.
  6. – Online sharable WYSIWYG document drafting and editing
  7. Webnote – an online tool for taking notes
  8. PasteHere – Paste
  9. Online Clipboard []
  10. pastebin – collaborative debugging tool

Now, you may say, its not useful for you. But the real use of such things will arise when you are in problem with codes and this makes highly easy medium to share codes and get debugged as few of them are editable multiple times by multiple users. Few of them are simply read only. I have taken care that they don’t require any sign ups for you.


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Another choice for a whiteboard that you may like is Dabbleboard. It can be used without signing up too, but we think it’s reinvented interface makes drawing much easier and more productive.

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