TechPavan First Anniversary: $700 Contest

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 9, 2009


It was February 09, 2008, the first post on this blog got published. And today is the day I have to celebrate the first birthday of this blog. But I am not so lucky to enjoy this moment. Currently I am not on my desk and this post is being scheduled to get published at proper time. The one year blogging journey was very good for me. I started blogging here as a student and recently I completed engineering. I have been recruited for an Inidan MNC and looking forward to join them soon. The company is arranging a meet for all recruits and that is the reason, I have to schedule the post rather then publishing. I would like to thank all friends, readers and visitors for my success online. It is a matter of pride for me and hence here we have small gifts for our readers.

birthday of techpavan :-)

On account of the first birthday, we have our sponsor G-Lock Software bringing to you with great chances to win wonderful SEO softwares. If you have taken care to build backlinks, then I hope you know these awesome softwares. The total number of winners will be 10 in this grand contest and each winner will get Fast Blog Finder and Fast Directory Submitter which have been reviewed below.

Fast Blog Finder:

If you are serious on web, you will have thought of backlinks. Backlink building becomes an important part of SEO and it is not an easy task to build backlinks. These days, everyone is using nofollow tags for wherever you can get backlinks. Most of the blogs use nofollow tag for comment section, it is even default in wordpress that all comments have nofollow links.

This Fast blog finder tool is used to hunt for blogs which does not make use of nofollow tag.

fast blog finder - seo tool

 You can search for the blog with your keywords. This tool lists all pages in order and also displays different factors related with the search result page. The result will be the exact page but not simply blog url and hence you don’t need to bother about navigating inside the blog. The result will be available with these informations : Domain PR, Page PR, Outgoing links on the page, Comment section of type – Nofollow, Dofollow. Also, you can sort the url list based on all these parameters listed above.

The software has an internal browser from which you can post comments onto blog posts. You don’t need to open the links in your browser, it speeds up your blog commenting process. You can also make your lists into convenient folders and sub folders, you can check the pages with moderated comments again after some time by saving the results this way. There is an options to add user comments for follow up.

You can make a fully customized search (say, you want blog posts with domain PR=5, page PR=3, Dofollow comment type and keyword "SEO") and also can export the list for further usage or reports.

Trial version can provide you a list of 50 blog urls. Cost of the software Gold Version: $49

Fast Directory Submitter:

This is another wonderful SEO tool. There are many directory submitter tools, but this stands first of all and will speed up your directory submission process double the time which you have experienced with other tools.

Directory submission - SEO tool

It is very commonly seen on the internet Automatic = spam. Most of the semi automatic tools just work like form loading tools, but this one is entirely different. It supports multiple title and description which makes your submission with multiple keywords and descriptions which helps you more in SEO. You can choose between manual and automatic submissions and it automatically loads the data randomly from your pre set list. In both the ways, you need to enter the captcha which makes you sure that directory owners can never treat you as spam.

Like in fast blog finder, here also you can sort the directory list based on PR and submit to high PR directories first. It also has checking tool which automatically checks the listing approval of your submission. You can again check the listing after fine sorting of the directory list. You can again submit to failed directories again.

This software also has report making tool with which you can create professional reports if you are working for a client.

Free campaigns can submit your listing to 150 direcotries. Upgraded campaigns can submit to 3341 directories currently. Upgrade campaign price per campaign: $20

Contest Details:

This contest will run for 15 days starting from 9th Feb till 24th Feb 0000hrs IST. It is based on tickets and the top 30 ticket holders will be considered for a draw with’s list randomizer. In case of clash in number of tickets of 30th person, they will be included overriding top 30 rule. The tickets can be earned in this fashion.

1. Blog review of featured products – 30 tickets for each product. If you have already reviewed them, no need to go with another review.

2. Write about this contest – 15 tickets.

3. Stumble for any of my posts you like – 10 tickets. There is no restriction for you. You can stumble any post you "like". Please have a look at my different posts from popular / featured list. Stumble the posts which are useful for you. Don’t stumble this one 😉 .

4. Stumble the home page of the above featured products – 10 tickets for each.

5. Tweet about this contest – 5 tickets.

6. Tweet about the products – 5 tickets.

7. Use the trial versions of these products and share your experience in comment – 5 tickets.

8. Adding this blog as favorite on technorati – 5 tickets.

9. Subscribing through email – 5 tickets. Current subscribers will automatically be included into contest.

10. Finally, the most important. You have to share blog post url / stumble url + username / twitter url / technorati username. If you are using 6th point, you HAVE TO combine 9th and 10th.

You will be disqualified for:

1. Posting multiple comments.

2. Posting with different mail id / url / multiple profiles in stumbleupon / twitter.

3. Using Keywords in comment section for your name. If you are "XYZ", use "XYZ", but not "SEO Service".

Note: I may not get chance to come online for 2 days, if you are new here, your comment will be held for moderation, please don’t post multiple comments.

The prices as told above will include gold version of fast blog finder worth $49 and one campaign upgrade worth $20. 10 winners will get them bringing the total contest to $690. Winners will be contacted personally and announced here on this blog.

Thanks to G-Lock Software and all the best for competitors.


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First of all, CONGRATS for completing 1 year! it must be really a proud feeling, congrats again for the new job! and All the Best with the contest and beyond!
I have stumbled this post for you, stumbled the 2 products, will tweet about this contest and the SEO products as well. Already subscribed to your RSS :) “faved” your blog on technorati…. phewww not bad at all 😀
Congrats again!

Glad to know that TechPavan completed its first successful year. :-)
It was really a great achievement in only one year..

Wish you and your blog a grand success in the years to come :-)

Congrats Dear Pavan, Happy Birthday TechPavan, say it with flowers : )

Nice contest and you are organising contest in a new way.

Congrats pavan on occassion of First Anniversary of techpavan ,and wish many more to came ,it will be also nice if you release site statistics of techpavancom like traffic details ,alexa rank subscriber details.

Happy B’Day.

@Raju@Deepak Jain@Piyush@Simran@venkat@Silki Garg

Thank you for warm wishes. I am now finding success because of you – all friends. It is really a great world of internet where people help others with no expectations.


I will disclose them once I reach reallllly great heights :-)


Thanks for wishes. I cannot consider your comment for contest. Please re comment [you will not be disqualified, as it was my mistake not to show with a demo comment] as like the one which follows this.

Note to all: Post comment as below to get entry into contest


1. reviewed here: http://www……
2. written here: http://www……
3. username: arp059
4. Stumbled fast blog finder: same username
5. Tweeted here:
6. Tweeted about fast blog finder:
8. Technorati user name: arp059
9. yes, with mail id: name [at]

This makes it a complete comment which can be acceptable for contest.
If you are not attempting any of the above said points, please make sure that you are not using wrong numbers which makes my job tough. Example, just look at my comment, I have left out 7th point and directly jumped to 8th one…

Wishing you a very happy birthday for the blog, may you have several more glorious years in the future.

Congrats on the first year Pavan, it is amazing to see you have crossed one year of blogging (Time goes pretty quickly).Wish you a very good luck for this year too :)

Congrats for your first year mate, i wish you many more years of happy and enjoyable blogging :)

phew… stringent rules eh? :(

3. username: ppraju
4. Stumbled fast blog finder: username:ppraju
5. Tweeted here:
6. Tweeted about fast blog finder:
8. Technorati user name: rajupp
9. yes, with mail id: raju[at]

@Rockstar Sid@Keith Dsouza

Thank you guys… Its really good to see your support for me online :-)


Welcome here… Thanks for encouraging words…


You are in…

Looks like I m quite late here, congrats pavan on completing one year of blogging – keep it going like that. best of luck for your future ventures and god bless u.

Celebration time !! its always great to celebrate an year !!
count me in your contest !!

Thank you dude… The strange thing is that I myself was late about this. I was not in station for 3 days when my blog celebrated 1 year. 😛

Welcome to the contest…

:-( you should have properly read the way to contest… lost the chance… sorry buddy…

Congrats on compleating one year Pavan. Will be participating in the contest soon

Let me make it little liberal, People can post more comments, but please avoid that to reduce burden on me

@Madhur and Abhishek, you can participate.

Congratulations Pavan. Stumbled it. Username binaryday.

Hey Pavan, congrats buddy on completing one year. All the best and count me in for the contest.

congrats pavan kumar ji
on completing one year. al the best
pls send me new idea massage cnetre no in punjab series 98, 97 pls
find that one
thanks again

@ravi kumar@Amit

Welcome guys… counting in all commentators with 5 tickets…

Congrats Pavan.
And best of luck for year ahead.
Sorry for being late to wish you. :-)

Hi Pavan,

First of all Congratulations for completing 1 year of blogging. I wish you success in the years to come in blogging and in also your IT Job in the new MNC.

After heading to home. I will do all the required for entering into the contest. and also leave the comment entry.

All the best to all the participants including me!

Congrats Pavan.
Sorry for being late to wish you.
Will be participating in the contest soon.

Congrats to ur blog and of course to You too!
Great Contest!
Nice Information pavan 😉

Congrats Pavan,

Sorry for being so late to comment here..was busy with my exams and other online works.

And I am happy, I entered the are my details

1. Twitter ID: technotip
2. I am a good old subscriber of your blog.
3. Stumbleupon ID: technotipdotorg
Stumbled some of your good articles and the homepage of sponsors
4. Favorite in Technorati … here is my profile link Technotip

Thanks for the contest. And I wish a greater success to Pavan and
Cheers :)

First of all Congratulations for completing 1 year of blogging. Sorry for being late to wish you.pls send me new idea massage cnetre no for 9844510660

ok, congratulations on the anniversary of this blog.
all these days it had been great.

Wow..!! Congrats..

May you have many more successful years.

All the best..!

@PC@sandeep@SATISH —

Thank you all for support, good words, encouragement and participation… :)

Hey Congrats…. Sorry for the late wishes….
Y der r no updates in spice/idea free msg center nos?

Hi Pavan congrats for completing one year!

@JK@blogger instinct guy@Abhi

Thank you :-)


Some authorities started following the updates. You might have observed there had been fast blocking of numbers as soon as I updated.

@Pavan Kumar
Oh thats really sad…. But still keep up your gr8 job…

@Pavan Kumar
Oh thats really sad…. But still keep up your gr8 job…
How do u get those numbers? If u get, plzz send it to my id… i.e.,

congrats Pavan on completing one yr. I love your blog :)

stumbled :)

hi pavankumar nice site………

Congratulation Man, All the best for your new endeavour. Tech Pavan has achieved so much in one year, god bless you much more in coming days.

One thing I will say for sure that You will enjoy blogging much more than the 9 – 5 job.

Here is my Entry
3) (username = mako123)
4)Stumbled Fast blog finder and Directory Submitter : ,, same username
5) Tweeted :
6)Tweeted about fast blog finder:
8) Technorati Username = mako123
9) madhur.whoismadhur[at]

@Sanjeev Mishra@praveen@ArpitNext

Thank you all.

@Sanjeev, even I think so, lets see what time says…

Congrats dude on a great website

Congrats for completing one year. It’s strange that My blog also completed one year in Feb. Difference is I bought domain in July, 5 months later.
Wishing you success. Keep blogging…


Welcome dude.. :)


Thanks and welcome… That’s a good thing to know about the coincidence. Even, I wish you a better luck and all success :)

Hi Pavan. Just heard about this contest and want to enter and hopefully I will win. :)

My stumbleupon username: dranzer19
My stumbleupon URL:
I stumbled 8 pages that I found interesting. I also stumbled the homepages of the products.

My twitter account:
My tweets about this contest:
My tweets about the products:

My technorati username: fahadtariq

I have also subscribed to this blog through email(same one as the one I am posting this comment with).

My review on using Fast Blog Finder:
I have been using Fast Blog Finder for over 3 months now and I have to say that it is a great piece of software. I can easily see dofollow blogs(although only 50 with my free version), and comment by contributing to the article. I have noticed an increase in SERP in the posts that I used with Fast Blog Finder. I hope to increase my results if I am able to win this contest. 😀

So this campaign gonna a wonderful One haaa!! :) Ab Maza aye ga!

Oops I’m too late.

Anyway, Congrats for completing first year. Keep it up. :)

Stumbled this article.

Done on twitter –
About the product –
Added on technorati – My username is chetanbhawani

And subscribed to your blog through the same email address as in comment.

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