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Written by Pavan Kumar on August 8, 2008




Till now we have seen different virus/malwares. Most of them do affect our computer by making its very common features not accessible like making the task manager disabled for the end user. We have even discussed solutions for them. Today, we shall discuss another hack/ tweak in windows xp which disables/ enables the shutdown option or log off option in your windows computer.


I am discussing this as I guess a chance of such attack with coming day viruses. Here is the step by step procedure you need to follow to enable or disable the shutdown/ turn off from start menu or task manager or even from windows security dialog box.


1. Click Start > Run.

2. Type gpedit.msc and press enter to open the group policy editor.

3. Under the User Configuration, goto Administrative templates and further move on to Start Menu and Taskbar.

Group policy editor

Under that menu, find Remove and prevent access to Shut Down command, double click on that to open a setting dialog box.

  • Set it to enabled to disable the turn off option on your windows.
  • Set it to disabled to enable the turn off option on your windows.

 Hide or unhide shutdown option

Setting for Log off option:


Follow the same procedure as above, but choose Remove Logoff on start menu in step 4.


Here is the explanation for Remove and prevent access to shut down command as provided by Microsoft:


Prevents users from shutting down or restarting Windows.


This setting removes the Shut Down option from the Start menu and disables the Shut Down button on the Windows Security dialog box, which appears when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL.


This setting prevents users from using the Windows user interface to shut down the system, although it does not prevent them from running programs that shut down Windows.


If you disable this setting or do not configure it, the Shut Down menu option appears, and the Shut Down button is enabled.


Note: It is a requirement for third-party applications with Windows 2000 or later certification to adhere to this setting.


And the below one for Remove logoff from start menu:


Removes the "Log Off <username>" item from the Start menu and prevents users from restoring it.


If you enable this setting, the Log Off <username> item does not appear in the Start menu. This setting also removes the Display Logoff item from Start Menu Options. As a result, users cannot restore the Log Off <username> item to the Start Menu.


If you disable this setting or do not configure it, users can use the Display Logoff item to add and remove the Log Off item.


This setting affects the Start menu only. It does not affect the Log Off item on the Windows Security dialog box that appears when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and it does not prevent users from using other methods to log off.


Tip: To add or remove the Log Off item on a computer, click Start, click Settings, click Taskbar and Start Menu, click the Start Menu Options tab and, in the Start Menu Settings box, click Display Logoff.


See also: "Remove Logoff" in User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon/Logoff.



You may also use this computer prank to play with your friends… 😉


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Pretty cool, and am going to set it up right now on one of my old pc’s that I use for a weather station. My kids occasionally turn it off by good habit.

@ Rob

I never had idea that it would help people in this way. Glad that you find it very useful.

Thanks for sharing this little good tip. It is useful for me.

nicely explained, good tweak – we can actually do lot more with gpedit aslo

@ China

Happy that it is useful for you

@ Abhishek

Yeah, much more tricks can be done with gpedit…

i have a xp home edition and got infected with a virus which messed my registry, somehow i cannot find gpedit.msc using run

Thx for sharing Pavan..


Welcome, welcome to my blog… Thanks for commenting…

pavan bhai,
very good, u r doing very good social work, keep it up, my wishesh are with u.
sir,how to download new relese movie from net faster than other softer.
sir, pls tell me
my id is

when somebody says bhai, that means he needs some favour ahahaaa………
@arvind kumar

there’s no gpedit in xp home.

learn about computers before posting rubbish like this.

this is site is very nice

Nice, thanks for this. helped me a lot.

Still It Didnt Work

the trick is good but the command gpedit.msc is disabled here. So can u tell me how to enable it…

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