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Written by Pavan Kumar on May 4, 2008


Though I don’t receive much mails from contact page or through comments regarding viruses, almost every friend of mine ask me for solutions for modern day viruses/malwares which disables the task manager, folder options, hidden files, registry… and to be specific, one of my friend was infected by sharokh.exe, they used to spread through pen drives. Here I am going to share the solution for that and most of the threats of that kind.

Remove Restrictions tool

  • You need Remove Restrictions tool and your antivirus with full updates.
  • Restart your computer in safe mode. This will avoid all startup programs being run at system startup and only most needed services will be launched by the windows.
  • Clear all data in temp folder [usually c:\documents and settings\[user name]\local settings\temp], better key in that, as "local settings" being a hidden folder may not be visible for you.]
  • In system configuration utility [Click Start> Run > msconfig, click ok ], goto start up tab and remove all items which seem to be suspecious, they usually are found with names like service.exe, smss.exe, services.exe, csrss.exe, lsass.exe, svchost.exe, svvhost.exe… or any system file name but found in non system folders. Note down the location of such files and delete those files. Be careful, you may delete the system files or driver files. Don’t perform if you are unsure.
  • In same system configuration utility, goto services tab and check all and close it without restart. This is required as the such malwares might have disabled your antivirus or antispyware services for next start up. Even disabling some services may slow down your start up.
  • Check even service.msc for same issue and correct it.
  •  Run RRT tool downloaded from above said location. Check all the needed ones, if you are unsure, check all the options and click remove. This will help almost all problems your system got affected.
  • You are also recommended to check for rootkits and fix them.
  • Now, restart your sytem in normal mode, and check your task manager for unknown processes, if any such ones found, kill them. With your updated antivirus program, scan the entire system.

There are different free tools available from sergiwa for virus solutions. You may get it from sergiwa downloads page.


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12 Readers responded to this post

Hmmm never knew a tool like remove restriction existed..

@ Rockstar Sid
I have even written about that in one of my previous posts, and also one more tool is a must need, that is “unhackme”, if you have not read my previous post, you are recommended to go through that article too. You can find it here:

@ all

I have written wrongly as service.msc instead please read it as services.msc

Thats a nice tool :)
Although due to weekly AVG scanning spybot’s real time protection there are less viruses my computer is quite protected and any program making registry editing must first take my permission 😀 but due to technology getting advancer everyday latest things also get old and outdated 😛

Yes sir, fully agree……….

Pavan Kumars last blog post..How hot is your motherboard [Pics]

thanks for sharing this cool tool with us 😛

from the past 2 weeks, had been trying to google for a fix for always used to show no results.was surprised to see nobody else gettin the same problem. Finally got a valid result!! 😀


I use nod32 and it has already released fix for that, You might be using a older version, switch yourself to new. Anyway, though you may remove the virus files, to remove the effect of them like task manager…., you need this article.

Pavan Kumars last blog post..How hot is your motherboard [Pics]

@ Ajay

Thanks bro….

Pavan Kumars last blog post..How hot is your motherboard [Pics]


Recently my system got attacked by FunnyUTS virus.. It is restricting from installing any type applications.

IF you know about the virus pls tell me the remedy, otherwise revert back for more information on the virus.

Thanks in advance.

@ Pavan

I have never come across that virus, and even there are no good entries of that on google, try using safe mode method and also using unlocker, deleting file, removing startup entry… I think these can be understood when you read my other articles related with virus solutions.

Hi Pavan,

Because of the recycker auto run virus unless my antivirus, all my documents are close in files with shortcuts… if i arrive to fix the virus with the software disinfector, should i refind my files without infection…
Thanks you in advance

I thing other personn have the same problem…


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