Virus Removal Solution: BV:AutoRun-G[Wrm] / Recycler Virus

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 20, 2009


Recycler is the virus which spreads through USB flash drive / pen drive and is found in most of the computers and portable drives. Here is a short note on how to remove the recycler virus or BV:Autorun-G[Wrm]. Autorun virus of this kind will be identified by avast antivirus, but it fails to remove the antivirus. In this case you know how to deactivate recycler virus. Here are few steps you can follow in order to obtain the solution for this virus.

Here are few steps you can try out, though I could not get that virus to deal with again, here is what one can generalize the steps which you may use to disable any virus.

First, once you plug in your pen drive and double click it, the recycler.exe starts running in your system. First stop it running – Open task manager (Alt Ctrl Del or Ctrl Shift Esc), click on Applications tab, and you will be able to see all running processes at the current time. Among these, a few are running under the name of the administrator / user of the computer. Now, if you find any recycler.exe running under user name, right click on that and end process.You can read about virus solution with task manager.

Now, on the explorer (say My Documents), click on Tools > Folder Options > View, now make it to show hidden files and also OS files.

Now, right click on USB drive icon in My Computer and click Explore.

Here you can notice the autorun.inf file (mostly you will not see the file extension, no problem). Also, you will find recycler.exe. Delete both of them.

Get back to My Computer and rename the USB drive.

BV:Autorun-G[Wrm] is a strange virus and following the above procedure will not kill that. The virus will reform itself and still be seen on the Flash drives.

Few antivirus softwares like Kaspersky and Nod32 are said to remove the recycler virus completely. Though Kaspersky removes the recycler.exe, you need to follow the above steps in order to remove the autorun property of pen drive.

You may also try with Autorun Eater. Autorun Eater removes all suspecious autorun.inf files automatically. It is a popular program which may be of help here. If you find this procedure as a tough one for you, you can try disabling BV:Autorun-G[Wrm], but with this way, you will be able to deactivate the effect of this virus.


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10 Readers responded to this post

virus removal solution

we are fashing problem autorun and recycler

please give me one antivirus which completely removes the recyler virus

How can i remove ‘Recycler’ virus from my ststem.

There is a virus called New folder.exe and rgvsr.exe in my computer. Kindly give solution to overcome this virus problem.

There is a virus in my computer called New folder.exe and rgvsr.exe. kindly send solution to overcome this virus problem.

hope this will help u guys, it totally removed recycler virus from my laptop

1. find ctfmon.exe in the search option in the start menu
2. then open task manager and find ctfmon.exe in the running applications. highlight then clik end process
3. then delete ctfmon.exe in ur search results window
4.. then find autorun.inf then delete it and immediately empty recycle bin
5. then open winrar application (this is downloadable for free)
6. open the directory that contains recycler folder (example c:\ ) highlight recycler folder then delete it. restart the computer then ull notice that it’s gone and cannot recreate itself anymore.

sytem volume information folder

1.u cannot delete system volume info folder because its part of windows operation but u can open it to let antivirus software get in and scan malicious files (virus)

1. for xp users only : go to control panel/folder option/security tab then give full access control to ur user name (if ur using xp home edition u have to do it on safe mode then return to windows afterwards)
2. u can now have access in system volume information folder…scan it now with ur antivirus software (in my case kaspersky trial version)…the antivirus will now detect and delete virus/malwares

hope this helps u guys…this definitely made my browsing in the internet a lot faster than before just by using wifi connection.

Kasersky Internet Security 2010 has been installed in my system, but i seen that ‘Recycler’, ‘Desktop.ini’ ‘Boot.ini viruses affected in my system. Kindly give a solution. How can I remove these viruses from my system.

when I insert a blank micro sd card in my pc it shows autorun,recycler and vba.I can delete this but when I remove it and insert again then it shows autorun and recycler again.Please help me that how can I delete this viruses parmanently from my pc?

Dear author

Your comments, solutions and tips are very helpful. up to date details to be included I would like to know the performance of the Kaspersky total security and internet security, which is better to use

with regards

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