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Written by Pavan Kumar on July 25, 2008



It is a tough job to design web headers to suit our page design. In these days, most of us do not have excess time to spend infront of computer designing headers or logos. Here is one cool site which can perform this job for us within a second and save our hours of work.


Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator


The featured site being introduced now is Cool Text. This is a real cool service that they do not place any context or their url as a footer which could be observed in many such utilities. The images are very professional and the text, color, shade, background and fonts are all customizable. The service has a great collection of fonts which you may use for your banner. One more striking feature is that they just generate it for you and after that you are free to use it as you wish. You may edit it, use it, share it or do anything as you wish.

They even create images in different formats including the most popular jpg, gif, png. You can also download the images in .psd or .xcf so as to suit your photoshop or gimp. The psd file even had different layers so that you can edit it further to match your needs. Here are few examples generated by cooltext.


TechPavan: As generated by cooltext


Cool text


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10 Readers responded to this post

gr8 find :)
I usually take 5 – 15 mins to do such effects :(
this will save my time 😉

@ Siddharth

I found that when I was looking for a ready header making software for the current theme. My current design is done with photoshop.

Nice, This link was given to me by my juniors when I was designing the Gaming Tourney Poster for my college fest this year :)

@ Gaurav

That would be a cool thing to design initial part of such poster. Later on you can add text and other graphics using photoshop. Downloading psd format file would be a better option in such a case.

quite nice, will try it definitely. gud to make some small text banners for categories.

@ Abhishek

That’s a cool idea to have banners for categories… Well thought…

Good site. Another one is

@Calciu Sorin

I checked your site, it has quite good number of examples, but is very slow

@Pavan Kumar
If you have a slow internet connection the answer is yes, the site is slow.

@calciu sorin

One month delay between both comments… Its ok, I checked back your site recently, it is not slow NOW, probably it was slow when I checked last month. It does not matter, you have wonderful preset logos. That’s now a wonderful site…

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