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Written by Pavan Kumar on July 8, 2008



Here I am come up few cool services from Tom Blackwell. Now, with these services you can make a customized road sign – the signboard which is besides a highway, custom motel sign which appears as on a dark night, a wedding sign, medical presciption, receipt or medal. Each of these have a fixed presets and few lines can be customized by you. They appear as natural ones and hence would be very nice to use as a profile images in social networking sites. Here I am sharing few of the images generated using these services.

1. Custom medal maker:

Custom medal


2. Custom prescription maker:



3. Custom receipt maker:



4. Custom road sign:

Road sign


You may also look at other similar ones like motel sign and wedding sign maker. Only one thing I dislike with this service is that the signature they put below each image. They are right, but we don’t simply like that.


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Lol, quite funny. Could be used to fool several of my friends :D.

@ Keith

Yeah, me too can do that. Most of my friends don’t use internet and don’t read my blog…

I really like the prescription maker.
Wordings seems to of typical doc’s writing. lol

@ Rohit

The words won’t seem to be doc’s right?

ha ha this is cool
also check 😛

so no need of designing 😀

@ Siddharth

I have seen which can be used to generate news paper, clapper board, cigarette packet …. that’s a cool one…

@ Narendra

No need to do anything, just except providing details you need.

Once came upon this site where you could do something similar using a gravestone :)

@ Rajaie

That’s funny, to have a profile photo of one’s own gravestone…. But many dislike that… Better keep it for April 1….

Hey great Web service,Thanks for sharing

lol the prescription one is funny :p

Gr8 job pavan. I ilke your post.

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