Splitting MP3 File to Tracks/Ringtones? Try Free Online MP3 Cutting Tools

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 1, 2010


Though there are lots of mp3 splitting freewares and sharewares, they are no match for the current generation of tools which do the same job on a single page of your browser. Nobody would like to install a software to perform a small job which need not be performed again. We shall see two online free services to cut mp3 files to tracks of desired duration.

Split mp3 audio online freeThe two web services for splitting mp3 files are cutmp3.net and mp3cut.net. Both look very similar in their names and does the same job, but there is one major difference for which I prefer the first one. Coming to the features of both the tools, they do the same operation, takes your mp3 file and desired starting and end points as input, splits the file and provide the split mp3 for download.

Both the tools are very simple to use and fast in processing. You can mark the initial and final duration through a slider and can also listen to the selected part to make sure you have marked the proper selection points. The only difference between the tools is that the former does not upload your mp3 file to their server, but the latter does and this results in a comparatively slower performance.

You may sometimes need to convert audio to mp3 format or video to mp3 before using these tools.

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13 Readers responded to this post

Two days back I was searching for a nice software to cut a song into mp3 ringtones. Thanks for sharing these links 🙂

very informative…

Welcome guys…. Good to know you found them useful 🙂

if the first tool does not upload our mp3 to the server, then how does it to provide us the split mp3 for download ? I think that both of tools upload our mp3 to the server, split and give us the split mp3’s link to download it. thank for sharing

Thanks Pavan. now me using a software for doing the same. will try this.

Nice tool man!

Hi Pavan Kumar, so sorry if this question is out of topic, but I’d like to know. Are Techpavan.com no longer hosted in Hyperwebenable? Because I have a site hosted there and currently inaccessible because of “Reported attack page”. So I am here to check yours and your doesn’t have that status

I use MP3 cutter tool for dealing with all my soundtracks. Thanks for the share.

Wow! Nice information. I love to visit this blog again for more related information and I really liked this one too.

These services are really useful. Now we can cut any songs and can transform it into latest ring tones. Thanks Pavan for suggesting.

you can use “Audacity” which is free and fast. even pro use this tool.

y did u stop blogging pawan ??

Not exactly… am trying hard to come back into this amazing world… 🙂

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