How To Run Multiple WordPress Blogs with Single Installation

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 2, 2009


It is a very nice idea to run multiple blogs on various niches you can work on instead of messing up everything at the same place. At the same time its a pain to install WordPress for every blog, maintaining the various blogs, plugins, upgrades etc. There are few options for you to ease the process of managing multiple blogs with single installation.

 single installation for multiple wordpress blogs

1. WordPress MU

WordPress MU can be used along with a Domain Mapping Plugin with a workaround as illustrated here. WordPress MU offers the same features as WordPress, but this facilitates you to build unlimited number of blogs and users. The most popular blogging platform with hundreds of thousands of blogs work on the same WordPress multi user version of WP.

2. WP – Hive: WordPress Plugin

This is for those who run all the blogs alone. Like you are the only administrator of your entire blog network. WP-Hive is a WordPress plugin which enables you to run multiple blogs across multiple domains and subdomains (and NOT subdirectories as of now) with single installation core files, plugins and themes. This is a benefit as by upgrading your blog only once will move you out of all securty threats for the installed versions, but at the same time another problem may arise if the plugin loses its compatibility with new version of WP.

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6 Readers responded to this post

I will see how WP HIVE works. Do you know any plugin which can maintain multiple sub-directories in single blog.


Did you mean ftp maintenance? Long back I remember of using myftp plugin.

Really nice article, i read entries blog afternoon then add it to my bookmarks and wait for your next article, i plan follow as you.

Thanks so much
decha kunla

looks technical, currently i just have a few blogs so its not hard to run them all separately, but for those that maintain huge amount of blogs might find it very useful,

Cool tip friend,


I have a hosting account at godaddy – i added a new domain and created folder – xyz

I installed wordpress in the xyz folder and pointed the domain to the same.

Now when i open it is opening but shows loading from in the bottom plus when i open any other link it shows the root directory –

What are the steps to rectify this ?

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