Sony Ericsson: Backup Contacts into Memory Stick Instantly

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 17, 2009


Sony Ericsson, being one of the popular mobile phone brands has a good occupancy in the mobile market. It is also true that in spite of very good features, there are more problems associated with that compared with Nokia. I have been using Sony Ericsson W810i since more than a year and recently it got screwed and I had to update the software which resulted in loss of all my personal settings including contacts. Here is the step by step procedure to back up all your contacts to memory stick and restore it any time you need.

I love Sony Ericsson

Let me make it clear, this is supported by few Sony Ericsson handsets but not all. If your mobile is not supported, we have other ways which will be blogged soon.

The advantage this way is you don’t need a computer to back up contacts. Most of the users have computers, but few are not and this article targets to that minority of people (optionally, you can backup to PC too). Also another advantage is you can backup contacts anytime anywhere without requirements of computer. Just a matter of clicks to safeguard your network.

Open Menu > Contacts > Options > Advanced > Back up to MS.

menu optionscontact options

advanced optionsbackup contacts

This may ask you sometimes (if you already have a backup ) to overwrite the existing one, choose Yes in that case if you want to overwrite.

overwrite confirmation

To restore the same, follow the same procedure

Menu > Contacts > Options > Advanced > Restore from MS.

There is a chance that if you restore it twice, duplicate contacts will result.

If you want to take a backup of that to your PC, please follow the location here:

[Memory Stick] / MSSEMC / System / PIM / PB_Backup.vcf

Here is how to capture mobile phone screenshot.


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32 Readers responded to this post

U have nicely explained it and i guess it is really easy to back up ur contact.U can also use “My phone explorer” which is a far more better than sony ericsson pc suit.I would like to listen more from u abt sony ericsson tweaking tutorials using far manager or xs++.Let me know if u want to knw abt this stuff


My Phone Explorer is really a good one and I have tried it long back. I always wanted to use XS++ and Far Manager, but feared of FAR as the interface is dos based and a small mistake can throw my phone to dust bin. I would appreciate if you can put forward more about these if you have experience. I have read a lot about them and also watched dozens of videos, but still I fear :-(


i can understand ur fear abt far manager.xs++ is more user friendly den far manager,but believe me wen it cmes to update ur drivers(accoustics,cam driver,changing a menu nd so on…….) far manager is d best choice.i was also afraid of using far manager wen i was a newbie(i did hell lot of mistakes like unplugging d phone inbetween d process).my phone still works like a charm.all u need to knw is exact directories of ur phone files.let me knw wot i can do for u.u can email me personally.

Mr. techhgyan
Please consult this page:
or for your convenience install the dictionary for Firefox from:
It would not only help you, but also other who are trying to read your posts.
Cheers and Regards

how do i get my contacts from my memory card into the pc? sorry i’m very noob… but i didn’t understand this>>[Memory Stick] / MSSEMC / System / PIM / PB_Backup.vcf

thanks for helping!

@ Anop,

The fact is you don’t really need to understand that, whenever your phone gets crash you can restore the file to the same location and your phone will recognize that when you try the restore procedure described above. If you want to open the file use spreadsheet softwares like MS Excel etc, they open the file format.

Or did you mean about [Memory Stick] ? If so, it is the new removable storage drive you see in “My Computer” when you plug your phone into the system. Actually when you connect your phone through file transfer mode, two drives will get added, one is the phone itself and other is memory card – in default and most of the cases, the larger one is the memory card.

I just wanted to point out that SE seems to have forgotten EVERYTHING about their cellphones launching W395 with less features than old K300…. i mean, you can’t do this, you can’t connect it to myphoneexplorer or fma, you can’t even sync your ****ing calendar/sms/anyotheroptionyouremeber … it’s a shame really that SE wanted to “go back in time” by removing all this features…

and what is worse, have you tried creating a reminder on the calendar? IT TAKES FOREVER! and shows you unskipable messages saying “your contact was created ok”, “your appoint is ok”, “the phone has turned on ok”, “i’m getting on your nerves”, i mean it’s even worse than windows vista!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE Sony Ericsson GO BACK to the way it was before!!…
i’ve gotta say after this cellphone “I Really hate it”.

Hi Pavan,
I was wondering if you could help me with this problem regarding the backup. I recently lost all my phone info after a new software was installed in it from servicing. Although I had saved all contacts in the excel sheet before through ‘My phone explorer’, am unable to understand how I can get the contacts back to my phone through ‘My phone explorer’. I tried doing it several times, but I dont seem to understand the procedure I think. Could you please help?

@ Akanksha,

I wonder how you got the excel sheet backup of all your contacts through myphone explorer. The MPE program backs up the data on its own format with extension .mpb – though it can be opened with excel, cells are not so easy to understand format – though you see all entries in English, they are confusing. I guess, you might have used some other program to take the backup of all your contacts and struck now.

One guess is you might have used Float’s Mobie Agent to take excel backup (csv). Anyway, even if you have not used that, you may try using the same now to restore your phonebook. Some trial and errors might be expected.

So even though I have the contacts saved in an excel sheet through ‘My phone explorer’ is it possible to get them back into the phone through the one you’re suggesting?
Actually when I do click on ‘Restore backup’ from the the former, I am not able to select the excel sheet saved on my desktop due to some reasons. Like it just doesn’t appear on the screen then, even though it exists. There must be some file format thing am unaware of.

@ Akanksha,

Yes, as I said above, MPE looks for .mpb file format and that’s why you cannot any other file format in explorer while selecting file. Even I am not too much sure about Float’s Mobile Agent, you can try that and confirm. Also another attempt may be rename the .xls (excel) file extension to .mpb and try with MPE. If any of them work, kindly update here.

Am so sad..but nothing has worked till now. Tried changing the suggested extension too..but nothing happened

@ Akanksha,

The last way I could suggest is to connect your phone to PC with Float’s Mobile Agent software. In this software you can actually add new contacts and synchronize the same with the phone. This way is not the perfect solution for you, but it is the most convenient way I can think of in your situation. It saves lot of time as you add contacts by copy paste method rather than typing on small keyboard of your phone.

Thnks a lot, i had done

hey i followed the procedure which you have described very well,but its just not happening for me.when i try the option of backup to sim i get a message saying that my memory is full even though i have about 80 MB of free space…

NEVER BUY W395 and F305 phone.
These phone have no extra feature also no nessery feature. You cannot add new theme with these phone. JAR file size only 512 KB. And could not connect to PC for sync and SMS and Phone book backup.
These phone also very slow and this is very annoying if you are not normal user of mobile phone. Message font is too large and dsiplay very ogly.

I have purchse K700i in 2006. While I purchsed W395 in 2010 and F305 in 2009. But these phone very slow in compare of K700.
Bettery backup is only 1 or 1.5 days. And if you lisiten song in loud seaker for 1.5 hour all full charge battery gone to empty.

Hi friends,

My mobile display is having some problems, becuase of that am unable to view the menu. So that i’m unable to copy the phone contacts to Memory stick. Please help me with your valuable suggestions


Thanks dude…

Hi friends,

I am now going to shift from nokia 5800 to sony ericsson K550I, i need to transfer contacts from nokia to sony ericsson. How is this possible, if possible send me the steps or screenshot. Its very urgent.


i didnot understand how to back up the contacts of w395 sony ericcson set

send me the exact details

My cell does not have memory card…In such case how to take back up of contacts

Hi I need to transfer my contact data (vcf) from SE Z55I TO VIVAZ. pls guide

lost my phonebook in phone memory sony erriction k510i. how can i recover my phone book.

Hi Friends

Please anyone help me……

my sony ericsson w810i was not switching on so i gave for servicing.
i told then so many times that not to change the software without my knowledge…
but they changed without informing me. i dont have any of my backups even in memory card.
is that possible to get my datas now from the phone but the software has been changed.

plz plz plz plz give any idea to retrive my datas…..

Thanking You,
Whomever write above maintain text but it was very usefull for me because I was very worried, there is nothing in my cotact after restoring it. Thanks a lot when I use your idea, Bye take care guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I user G 502 sony Ericssion mobile and it has around 3000 + messages and need to download it to PC..
Pls assit.. I tried with PC suit but it failed!!!

It would be very much appreciatable If I get the SMS


i hv a cony ericsson w960i & i had a master reset of phone due to replacement of touch panel which was damaged; before i had taken back up of my phone contacts on to a CD in CSV file format & now i need to restore or copy all these contacts to my phone, i am not able to do it. please help me..

i have j105 sony ericssion, let me to backup in contact from excel format

I want to copy of my contacts from Hazel J20i to PC, I am taking use of Sony Ericsson PC Suite also but still not getting the solution, as to how can I copy/ send the contacts and save them to PC. From there I want to copy in the Nokai E3 Handset.
Will you please help me? I there any solution regarding the same?

I have a sony W595 and the problem with my cell is that while going through my contacts it closes automatically when i reach ‘R’. What do you think is the problem.. pls help.. do u think there is some virus since my fren had sent a contact starting with ‘R’ through business card. Can u pls suggest a good anti virus that i can download for W595 and instal in my cell.. pls help.. its kinda urgent..


Badly need your help. My sony ericsson z550i broke into 2 pieces. The display is gone.:( But the phone still works. I need to copy the contacts from phone to sim, could you please provide me with the screen shots.

Hi Pawan,

i am the user of Sony Cedar, i had taken the backup of my contacts on m.card, now please tell me can i restore the same backup in any other mobile except Sony i.e. i can restore the contact in any Nokia or samsung mobile.


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