How to Setup Adsense Earnings Daily Email Reports

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 9, 2009


This is one of the most important feature with any web application. Like Analytics, even Adsense too has the option built inside, but it seems most of the publishers are not aware of it. Here is how to activate daily / regular emai updates of Adsense earnings for publishers.

Login to Google Adsense.

Goto Advanced reports and display all content related data as you need based on channels, units, individual ads etc.

Once the report gets ready, save the report template with any desired name. If you want more detailed report on e-mail, you may create more number of reports templates and save them with desired names.

Google adsense report template

Perform the same for Google Adsense search reports and save that report too.

Now goto Report Manager. Scroll down to Saved Report Templates to setup scheduled emails for daily earning reports.

Google Adsense daily email report

You can schedule all your saved templates to get mails on your inbox – you may use any mail id as there are no restrictions about that. Also the reports can be scheduled for daily, weekly and monthly reports.

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Great Thanks for the tip!

wow!! Thanks mate, this stuff is really useful. I waste my time logging into adsense acc every day. Thanks for the smashing tip.

nice tip and trick… great post… u really rock .. can i write a guest post for you ? mail me if u agree

Nice tip Pavan!

Never explored such a useful feature before :)

Nice tip there Pavan. Didn’t tweak around for this feature until now.

Thanks for the greatt tip.

Thanks for this , its a couple of minutes saved every days…Cheers.

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