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Written by Pavan Kumar on December 20, 2008



Adsense account is a life time opportunity and everyone should make use of it in a proper way and also you should take care of your adsense account in all possible ways.

I have seen few theme authors who simply lost their adsense accounts for no bad thing they committed. It is again from experience they learned the fact behind the punishment from Adsense team. You might have noticed some theme authors embedding adsense codes into the theme they release for public. This is very bad practice and may lead to banning of adsense account. If you embed the adbrite code or any such other advertising networks, its ok, but not for adsense.

The reason behind: If the theme is very good, obviously many people will download and use it. Everyone started using the theme and few used the same on their illegal or pr0n sites which was against Google-Adsense Policies.

If you are a theme author and have done the same mistake, don’t panic I have a solution which can save account without even removing the code from their sites. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your adsense account.
  2. Goto Adsense Setup > Allowed sites.
  3. Click on the radio button reading – "Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account". This will allow only the sites listed below to show the ads.
  4. Now goto the text box and add the url of all your sites where the ads should be displayed.

google adsense allowed sites

Few notes while using this:

People don’t just access your sites directly, there are other means too – search engine cache, google translate and few others. Its better you allow them to display your ads. It is also important that you check the allowed sites page periodically to know who else is displaying your ads and you may allow if it is again another search engine or valid/authorized one. Take care that you don’t allow SOMEONE ELSE to display your ads on their site.

Here is the ip list which you may use directly:


What if someone use my ad code though his site is not in allowed list?

The ad will be displayed in a normal way, but the impressions and clicks will not be counted.


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5 Readers responded to this post

This is exactly what I have been thinking lately….. finally this post is the solution.. But I would Love to know what exactly are those IP addresses for ??

@Debajyoti Das

Hi Debajyoti, welcome to my blog… :-)

The IP addresses listed are TRUSTED sites. All people don’t access your site directly, there are other options too. They may access your site through Search Engine Cache, or Google Translate. Your adsense account is safe to be displayed on google cache or google translate pages. These are ips related with those sites.

There may be people who access your site through proxy, but allowing all proxy sites may not be again safe for our adsense account.

Thanks Pavan,
This is exactly what I was looking for – I have been testing out allowed sites because I was concerned some accounts in my portfolio might be causing smart pricing. But in my report from google it was saying ads had shown on some strange IP addresses… Now I understand.

dear pawan,

thanks for the lovely post.

but the ip’s u have mentioned are only of google.

what about yahoo & other search engines ?

thanks but google also needs to understand the webmasters….

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